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World Cup 2022 Football Betting Odds, Tips & Predictions

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The 2022 World Cup will certainly be one for the history books, as we can expect a number of “firsts” in this final round. This is the first time ever that a World Cup tournament is going to take place during the winter and in an Arab country.

In this article, we are going to provide you with several facts about this eagerly awaited tournament. We will take a good look at the teams who are favorites and those who are the underdogs of the 2022 World Cup, and tell you which bookmakers are offering the best World Cup 2022 odds.

On top you will find previews, predictions and betting picks for all 64 games of World Cup 2022

Tips, Odds & Predictions for the World Cup Final

Dec. 186 p.m.Argentina – FranceLusail

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Betting on World Cup 2022

Overlyzer Live Betting Trends

Latest World Cup Winner Odds & Top Betting Sites

Who are the World Cup 2022 favorites? This question will keep football fans very much engaged over the coming weeks – and for this reason we are going to start off with a comparison of the odds offered by the best sports betting sites.

As expected, there are few surprises as the WC 2022 bookmakers all favour top football nations such as the south american giants Brazil and Argentina, defending champions France defending followed by England and Spain.

World champions 2014 Germany are listed in the wider circle of title contenders with odds around 10.0 to 11.0

Logo Bet365 klein22bet logo 50Betsson Logo 50
visit Bookmakervisit Bookmaker visit Bookmaker
Football World Cup 2022 Winners Odds – top bookmakers

Overlyzer Tip

England to win World Cup 2022 – best odds 9.00 @ 22Bet

Overlyzer World Cup Betting Pick

World Cup 2022 Games with Predictions, Odds & Tips

Our experts are analysing every single game at World Cup 2022 and take a deep dive into all betting options at the best bookmakers.

Click match link for preview for:

  • comprehensive match preview
  • team comparison
  • best match betting odds and tip
  • over/under betting pick
  • correct score betting prediction

For some games with odds-on favorites our tips also cover special bets like handicap or asian handicap

Betting on the World Cup groups

48 games will be played in the World Cup group stage – 32 teams divided into 8 groups will try to qualify for the round of 16 which is the first knock-out stage at World Cup 2022.

Winners and second placed team of each group will advance to the next round, for 3rd placed and bottom teams in the group tables World Cup adventure will be finished after 3 group games.

Group betting – 3 most popular bets:

  1. Team to win the group
  2. Teams to advance to the round of 16
  3. Teams to be knocked out after group games

While these group betting offers are available at every bookmaker, there are also some special bets which are not part of the standard betting options.

Most interesting special bets at group stage are:

  • How many goals will be scored in each group
  • How many goals will be scored in all 8 groups together
  • How many points will each team earn in the group
  • Which team will score most goals in the group games
  • Which team will earn most points at group stage

Here is an overview of the 8 groups at World Cup 2022 with best odds for group winners. If you want to take a deeper look at a group with team previews, odds comparison, group games with dates and times please click the link below the group.

Group A Winner Betting Odds

Logo Bet365 klein22bet Logo 50Betsson Logo 50
preview, infos, fixtures and odds for group A

➜ Overlyzer Tip: Netherlands and Senegal to advance to the round of 16

Prediction & Forecast teams to qualify for last 16 from Group A

Group B Winner Betting Odds

Logo Bet365 klein22bet Logo 50Betsson Logo 50
preview, infos, fixtures and odds for group B

➜ Overlyzer Tip: England and the USA to advance to the round of 16

Prediction & Forecast teams to qualify for last 16 from Group B

Group C Winner Betting Odds

Logo Bet365 klein22bet Logo 50Betsson Logo 50
Saudi Arabia21.035.022.1
preview, infos, fixtures and odds for group C

➜ Overlyzer Tip: Argentna and Poland to advance to the round of 16

Prediction & Forecast teams to qualify for last 16 from Group C

Group D Winner Betting Odds

Logo Bet365 klein22bet Logo 50Betsson Logo 50
preview, infos, fixtures and odds for group D

➜ Overlyzer Tip: France and Denmark to advance to the round of 16

Prediction & Forecast teams to qualify for last 16 from Group D

Group E Winner Betting Odds

Logo Bet365 klein22bet Logo 50Betsson Logo 50
Costa Rica51.055.046.0
preview, infos, fixtures and odds for group E

➜ Overlyzer Tip: Spain and Germany to advance to the round of 16

Prediction & Forecast teams to qualify for last 16 from Group E

Group F Winner Betting Odds

Logo Bet365 klein22bet Logo 50Betsson Logo 50
preview, infos, fixtures and odds for group F

➜ Overlyzer Tip: Belgium and Canada to advance to the round of 16

Prediction & Forecast teams to qualify for last 16 from Group F

Group G Winner Betting Odds

Logo Bet365 klein22bet Logo 50Betsson Logo 50
preview, infos, fixtures and odds for group G

➜ Overlyzer Tip: Brazil and Switzerland to advance to the round of 16

Prediction & Forecast teams to qualify for last 16 from Group G

Group H Winner Betting Odds

Logo Bet365 klein22bet Logo 50Betsson Logo 50
South Korea11.011.011.0
preview, infos, fixtures and odds for group H

➜ Overlyzer Tip: Portugal and Uruguay to advance to the round of 16

Prediction & Forecast teams to qualify for last 16 from Group H

Betting on the round of 16

In the first knock-out stage – the round of 16 – Winner Group A will play second placed team from Group B, Winner Group C against second from Group D, Winner Group E against second from Group F and Winner Group G against second placed team from Group H.

Whenever you want to bet on the last games of the group stage you should remember, that there could be some tactical reasons for not wanting to win the last game and win the group.

For example: if Argentina do not win their group and only finish on second place, maybe France and Denmark would like to avoid to win their group, as otherwise they would face the south american giants already very early in the tournament… in the round of 16!

Three most popular betting offers for the round of 16 are:

  1. Match Betting on the 8 games in the round of 16
  2. Teams to advance to the round of 16
  3. Teams to NOT qualify for the round of 16
round of 16 odds england at bet365
England to qualify or NOT qualify for the round of 16 – betting odds from Bet365

Overlyzer Prediction: these are the 8 games in the round of 16

  1. Netherlands vs. USA
  2. Senegal vs. England
  3. Argentinia vs. France
  4. Poland vs. Denmark
  5. Germany vs. Canada
  6. Spain vs. Belgium
  7. Brazil vs. Portugal
  8. Switzerland vs. Uruguay

We believe there will be some major upsets in the group stage which leads to the predicted fixtures in the round of 16

Canada could be the biggest outsiders at this stage as we predict they can win second place in their group, which would lead to a knock-out game against Germany… only if the Germans can win Group E of course!

Betting on Quarterfinals, Semifinals and Final

No tactics like in the group stage – the only thing which counts in the knock-out stages is to win the game, wheter it is after 90 minutes or in extra time or penalty shootout.

Nevertheless you should have a look at the World Cup draw bevor you place your tournament bets for the later stages. What are the most likely games in the quarterfinals if there are no surprising results.

For example: Germany can only face giants like Argentina, England, the Netherlands or defending champions France in the final of the World Cup, not earlier! Belgium, Brazil and Portugal could be opponents for the Germans on their way to the final!

Most popular bets in the knock-out stages are:

  • Teams to reach quarterfinals, semifinals or final
  • Teams to be knocked out in quarterfinal, semifinal or final
  • Which 2 teams will play the World Cup final
  • Who will win World Cup 2022
  • Team to loose World Cup final

World Cup teams to reach final - bet365 odds
Teams to reach the World Cup Final – Bet365 odds

Overlyzer Prediction: these are the 4 games in the World Cup Quarterfinals

  1. Netherlands vs. England
  2. Argentina vs. Denmark
  3. Germany vs. Spain
  4. Brazil vs. Uruguay

According to our predictions Germany would meet group opponents Spain agein in the quarterfinals while England has to beat the Netherland to advance to the semifinals.

With Denmark and Uruguay there might still be two underdogs or dark horses in this round, but otherwise we expect the absolute top teams, who are also the favorites for the World Cup title, at this stage of the tournament.

Overlyzer Prediction: these are the 2 games in the World Cup Semifinals

  1. England vs. Argentina
  2. Germany vs. Brazil

As the favorites managed to win their quarterfinal-games there will be a battle between Europe and South America in the semifinals.

When Germany face Brazil there will be warm memories of the semifinals at the 2014 World Cup when Germany destroyed home team Brazil 7-1

World Cup 2022 Finalists – 10 most likely pairs

FinalistsBet-at-home Odds
Brazil vs. France17,2
Germany vs. Spain23,3
Brazil vs. England23,3
Argentina vs. France23,3
Brazil vs. Portugal26,3
France vs. Netherlands26,3
England vs. Netherlands29,4
Argentina vs. Brazil29,4
Argentina vs. England30,0
France vs. Spain34,0
Teams to play the 2022 World Cup Final – Bet-at-home Betting Odds

As you can guess on basis of the rather high betting odds, it will not be very easy to predict both finalists. Many unexpected things can happen during a long tournament, injuries or problems within the squad can lead to early exits from the competition.

Overlyzer WM Tipp

➜ Germany and England will play the World Cup 2022 Final | best odds 52,0 @ Bet-at-home

Overlyzer Prediction – Teams to reach the World Cup final

We recommend to place bets like this only with small stakes! Most lucrative betting options can usually be found in other markets which can be better analyzed and are more predictable.

Winner of the “Golden Boot” – Betting on the top World Cup Goalscorer

Goal bets and goalscorer bets are among the most popular betting markets before and during big football events like World Cups or European Championships.

These are the most popular goalscorer bets for World Cup 2022

  • Player to win the golden boot for most goals at the tournament
  • Player to be the top scorer of his team
  • Player to score most goals in group stage
  • Head-to-head: Player to score more goals – e.g. Harry Kane vs. Cristiano Ronaldo
  • Who will win the Golden Ball for the best player of the tournament

Before betting on the World Cup top scorer you have to check the group opponents of the player’s team – most goals are often scored against weak opponents like Saudia Arabia, Costa Rica or Iran in the group games.

Also you have to check the competition within the team. Harry Kane for example is an absolute target player for England and will be searched by his teammates in most offensive plays. At France on the other hand, goal attempts will usually be spread on several offensive top players!

World Cup 2022 Top Goalscorer – 10 Favorites

Logo Bet365 klein22bet Logo 50Bet-at-home Logo klein
Harry Kane8,008,907,95
Kylian Mbappe10,010,09,35
Karim Benzema13,013,512,9
Lionel Messi13,012,512,7
Junior Neymar15,014,014,3
Cristiano Ronaldo17,014,515,6
Fernando Gabriel Jesus26,031,030,0
Memphis Depay26,024,025,6
Romelu Lukaku26,019,021,2
Guilhermo Pedro34,034,034,0
Betting on the World Cup Top Goalscorer – favorites, odds & picks

Football Betting Tips – 4 strategies for successful World Cup 2022 bets

Before we introduce you to our top-favourites as well as two teams who are underdogs with good chances, let us take a look at some general betting strategies and useful tips for the World Cup in Qatar.


Overlyzer Live Betting Trends

Live betting World Cup 2022

Regardless of whether it’s the final round of the World Cup fixtures or every-day life in the Bundesliga: If you have live betting in your repertoire, you can use our Overlyzer betting tool to drastically increase your odds of winning. You can register here ➜ to gain full access.

This is how Live Betting works with Overlyzer

Tournament & Long-term bets on the 2022 World Cup

A long-term bet on the winner of the World Cup final match is not just going to be lucrative in case of a win, but will also provide fun and excitement during the tournament.

Just make sure you get your timing right, as the odds are likely to vary a lot over the coming months. Players who have set their sights on an underdog like Senegal would be best advised to place their bets soon, as the odds are likely to fall drastically after their qualification has been confirmed.

Draws and Under betting at the 2022 World Cup

Especially in the early stages of the World Cup finals, many teams will be very cautious and a rock-solid defence will be crucial. When you combine this fact with the extreme temperatures that are expected, it would not be a big surprise to see many draws and games with fewer scoring chances.

A word of caution: Compared to European Championships, the difference in performance levels between the best and the worst teams is going to be significantly greater during World Cup competitions. Under bets or draws should therefore only be placed when two teams of roughly equal strength meet.

The quarter-final is a very good opportunity for forecasting a draw, by the way, as, since 1986, 33.3% of all matches in World Cup quarter-finals were only decided during penalties.

World Cup 2022 Payout Rates

Our winners in the Sports Betting Comparison already stand out because of their attractive payout rates. For popular events payout rates are always especially high, so rates of 95-97% are not going to be a rarity here, as all the betting providers will look to offer the best odds for the 2022 World Cup.

In conjunction with attractive World Cup bonus offers which we will tell you all about, a number of attractive betting opportunities and value bets can also be found.

World Cup 2022 Match results bets

Punters who want to place Match result bets at the 2022 World Cup should be aware of the following statistics:

In 900 World Cup matches to date, the most frequent result was 1:0. A total of 170 games or 18.9% ended with this result.

The 1:0 victory was a particularly frequent occurrence during the 2010 World Cup, where this result was achieved 17 times.

Top World Cup 2022 bookmakers – Bonus offers & promotions for the World Cup 


The most established name in world wide sports betting offers a huge range of betting options for new and experienced bettors. Bet365 is well known for great odds on sporting events from around the globe.

Bet365 Review Sign up with Bet365 and get 100 €/$/£ Bonus

World Cup 2022 betting with Bet365

The winner of our sports betting provider test, Bet365, is our first recommendation for bets on the 2022 World Cup. The English bookmaker is known for its excellent payout ratio and offers great odds and numerous special bets, especially during major events such as World Cups.

During World Cup tournaments, bet365 usually runs several lucrative bonus offers and promotions, which is something we will definitely also see during the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

We are expecting to see one or two free bets, generous accumulators among the combination bets (with price boosts of up to 70%!), a payout rate of over 95% and further bonus offers for new and existing customers.

At the 2018 World Cup, for example, bet365 received much attention in the betting industry with its Penalty Payback Offer, where customers received back their stake if their overall winner selection is eliminated in a penalty shootout. A long-term bet on England will be considerably more attractive under these conditions.

Bonus offers from Bet365 during World Cup 2022:

  • Bet Boost: bigger odds on selected markets
  • 2 goals ahead – early payouts: if your team ist 2 goals ahead the bet will be settled at pre-match odds, no matter what the final score will be
  • Soccer accumulator bonus: get up to 70% payout bonus on selected markets for successful combination bets. Bonus amount depends on the number of seletions within the accumulator bet
  • Bore draw money back: place a pre-match bet on selected markets – if the game finishes with a goalless draw your stake will be 100% refunded
  • Extra time chance: If your pre-match bet fails to win in 90 minutes but goes on to win in extra time, your bet will be settled as a winner. Available on chosen markets

Register with bet365 now and put a bet on your WC favourite.

World Cup 2022 betting with Betsson

The well-known betting site Betsson is a good choice in any case, but especially during the World Cup, when the bookmaker is particularly strong and offers quite spectacular promotions for its customers.

In 2018, you could win a million dollars as part of the “Choose Your Champions” promotion if you were able to forecast the group winners and correctly predict the further course of the knockout stage. 


A reliable online betting platform provided by dedicated in-house built software, and a consistently attractive offer of popular and interesting sports make Betsson a favourite sports betting provider for many players worldwide.

Betsson Review Sign up with Betsson and get 10 €/$/£ Free Bet

Furthermore, numerous electronic gadgets such as TVs and gaming consoles were raffled off to customers who placed bets on certain events, such as the final winner or the top goalscorer.

During the World Cup, Betsson features one of the betting industry’s highest payout rates on 1X2 bets, for which up to 97% of stakes are paid out.

World Cup 2022 betting at Bet-at-home

As a rule, Bet-at-home doesn’t come close to the payout rates offered by bet365 and 22bet, however, for important events such as the Champions League Final and the final round of the World Cup, the well-known betting provider offers thoroughly generous odds that are not far behind the competition.

Primarily, it’s the lucrative World Cup promotions offered by Bet-at-home that are of particular interest. The final round of 2018 featured the Del Bosque Jackpot, during which sports betting enthusiasts could win 100,000 Euros every day. All you had to do to take part was to log into your account and answer eight questions about upcoming WC matches.


Bet-at-home is a household name for online sports betting in many European countries with more than 5 million registered customers. Punters appreciate the secure betting platform and the wide range of sports with a huge number of different betting markets available.

Bet-at-home Review Join Bet-at-home and claim your €100 Bonus now

Several other promotions have also previously been on offer, such as a free bet of up to 25 Euros, if one of the matches in an accumulator ended in a 0:0 draw. There was also another free bet for matches in which a red card was shown.

There was even an opportunity to double your winnings with goals scored during extra time. We are also counting on seeing numerous generous and creative promotions this year.

World Cup 2022 Odds for favourites – our top 3 title contenders

Who is going to win the World Cup in 2022? We will now introduce you to our three top favourites for the 2022 WC.

Put the European Championship behind and start over: Betting on World Cup 2022 favourite France

The World Cup title defender is one of our biggest favourites in this tournament. Coach Didier Deschamps’ team still has tremendous quality and squad depth and will be looking to redeem themselves after a disappointing European Championship.

Logo Bet365 klein22bet logo 50Bet-at-home Logo klein
France World Cup Winners7.006.557.00
France World Champions 2022 Betting Odds Comparison

The French will have learned from their mistakes during the European Championship, especially with regard to the unhealthy off-field rivalry, as well as a certain arrogance that was also evident, for example, in Pogba’s goal celebration in the match against Switzerland.

Deschamps has used the time to calm the waters, and in Qatar we can once again expect a sovereign, unagitated French national team that will be very difficult to defeat. The pragmatic philosophy of the successful coach usually suits major events perfectly and there is hardly a team that has such an experienced and brilliant squad.

Kylian Mbappé, Karim Benzema, Antoine Griezmann, Paul Pogba, N’Golo Kanté, Kingsley Coman will be a force to be reckoned with when it comes to the title in Qatar. After all, the coach and some of his players already know how to win the World Cup finals.

Qatar is an advantage: Betting on World Cup 2022 favourite Brazil

Can Brazil become the world champions in 2022? There is a very good chance that the title will go to a South American country this time, as the tournament is not taking place on European soil, where traditionally the clubs of the UEFA confederation are stronger. Brazil won its last World Cup title in the 2002 final round in Japan and South Korea – perhaps this is a good sign, as both hosting nations then were also considered to be exotic football locations.

Logo Bet365 klein22bet logo 50Bet-at-home Logo klein
Brazil World Cup Winners5.005.005.00
Brazil World Champions 2022 Betting Odds Comparison

Brazil is the record holder with five World Cup triumphs and the chances look good that they will even extend their lead at the 2022 World Cup. In the World Cup qualifiers, coach Tite and his team are still at the top of the table after 15 games without defeat and have won twelve of them.

In addition to young and super-talented players like Real star Vinicius Junior, top performers such as Neymar, Casemiro and Alisson, who are all 29 years old, are slowly reaching an age when they no longer have much time to win the big titles. Overall, however, the Seleção has a very balanced mix of young talent and experienced regulars.

Football Fan Brazil
The last four world champions all came from Europe. If there is one country that can end this streak, it is most likely Brazil. Their Fans are praying that the Seleção will bring the title home again after 20 years.


No penalties please: Betting on World Cup 2022 favourite England

If success was down to the mere talent present in a squad, then betting on a sweeping England victory at the 2022 World Cup would be just a formality.

Logo Bet365 klein22bet logo 50Bet-at-home Logo klein
England World Cup Winners9.007.608.95
England World Champions 2022 Betting Odds Comparison

Quite apart from goalgetter Harry Kane who is at his best age now, Coach Gary Southgate’s team also features players such as Jack Grealish, Phil Foden, Raheem Sterling, Mason Mount, Jude Bellingham, Bukayo Saka and Jadon Sancho among several strong attacking players that can really make a difference and dominate not just a match but a whole tournament.

After all, during the 2021 European Championship they got all the way to the final only to again concede victory in a penalty shoot-out against the eventual champions, Italy.

The hit “Three Lions” is one of the most famous football hymns ever and perfectly describes the longing of the entire English nation for a title.

England will just have to be a little bit more daring in Qatar, as many of their young players have now gained experience and are ready for the next big step. England’s problem overall seems to be largely a psychological one.

Overlyzer Infographic - England at World Cup 2022
Overlyzer Infographic – England at World Cup 2022 in Qatar

To become world champions, it is necessary, after all, to win penalty shoot-outs here and there, and in this regard England’s track record is devastating. Since the World Cup of 1990, England has reached penalties nine times, but only emerged victorious twice.

The extended circle of favorites for the 2022 World Cup

Besides our top three favorites, there are of course other teams that could be considered for our favorites list. Here is an overview of the teams we recommend for which a World Cup bet could be worthwhile:

World Cup 2022 Bet on Germany

After a long dry spell, things should be looking up again for the German national team. Ex-DFB Coach Jogi Löw, who committed several errors from a tactical and personnel perspective over the last years, has been replaced and with new coach Hansi Flick success has returned.

Logo Bet365 klein22bet logo 50Bet-at-home Logo klein
Germany World Cup Winners11.010.011.0
Germany World Champions 2022 Betting Odds Comparison

Seven matches resulted in seven wins and an impressive goal difference of 31:2 to marvel at. Players like Leroy Sané and Thilo Kehrer are blossoming under the new coach and repaying the faith with top performances.

The current coach of the German national team, Hansi Flick, was voted coach of the year in 2020.

World Cup 2022 Bet on Argentina

In 2021 Argentina qualified to become the second South American team confirmed alongside Brazil for the tournament in Qatar.

Argentina didn’t attack quite as confidently as its big competitor, but gained points for its strong defence. Head coach Lionel Scaloni managed to avoid a defeat in the first 15 qualifying matches, and his team conceded only 7 goals during those games.

Logo Bet365 klein22bet logo 50Bet-at-home Logo klein
Argentina World Cup Winners6.507.206.50
Argentina World Champions 2022 Betting Odds Comparison

In fact, during the last eight qualifying matches, the “Albiceleste” did concede only a single goal! Benefitting from a strong defence and attackers such as Lionel Messi, Lautaro Martínez and Paulo Dybala, even the biggest triumph looks like a possibility. For Messi, this is likely to be the last opportunity of a world cup title.

World Cup 2022 Bet on Spain

The dominance of the Spanish national team may no longer be as extensive as during its glory days between 2008 and 2012, but the Furia Roja is now backed by a lot of young top-talents that could allow the proud football nation to regain its spot right at the top.

Logo Bet365 klein22bet logo 50Bet-at-home Logo klein
Spain World Cup Winners9.508.609.45
Spain World Champions 2022 Betting Odds Comparison

Three young FC Barcelona talents are the biggest hope for the Spanish fans. Alongside new Barcelona acquisition Ferran Torres, his young team colleagues Pedri and Ansu Fati are likely to become ever more important for the Spanish selection.

Players such as Mikel Oyarzabal, Rodri, Thiago, Dani Olmo and Marcos Llorente also represent great quality.

Betting on World Cup underdogs: Insider betting tips for the World Cup 2022

And now we are going to introduce you to two teams of underdogs that will earn considerably higher odds than the top-favourites.

Betting on World Cup underdog Denmark:

It was only on the last day of the WC qualifiers that Denmark slipped a little and lost the away match against Scotland 0:2. Up until then, trainer Kasper Hjulmand’s team was more than convincing, with nine wins out of nine games and a goal difference of 30:1!

Logo Bet365 klein22bet logo 50Bet-at-home Logo klein
Denmark World Cup Winners29.031.028.9
Denmark World Champions 2022 Betting Odds Comparison

Despite the shock of Christian Eriksen’s cardiac arrest, the Danes cut a fine figure during the 2021 European Championship, displaying a great performance as a team, a joy in playing football and the characteristic fitness of Scandinavians. They were only defeated by England in extra time in the semifinals.

Football Fan Denmark
The Danish national team conquered the hearts of fans during the 2020 European championship. Betway is currently offering 34-fold odds for a bet on the Danish Dynamite.

Betting on World Cup underdog Senegal

Senegal won Group H of the CAF Confederation World Cup qualifiers in commanding fashion, but must win another head-to-head clash to qualify for the tournament in Qatar, as Africa can only send five teams to the finals.

Accordingly, the betting odds are enormously high at this point in time, and so, if Senegal actually end up being the first ever African nation to snatch the title, you can get an unbelievable return of 2510 Euros for a stake of just 10 EUR at Betway.

Logo Bet365 klein22bet logo 50Bet-at-home Logo klein
Senegal World Cup Winners81.093.081.0
Senegal World Champions 2022 Betting Odds Comparison

In Sadio Mané, Senegal has one of the best wingers in the world in its squad, and also features other positions with players at international top level.

Physically strong, Napoli centre-back Kalidou Koulibaly is captain of the team, Chelsea-keeper Edouard Mendy can be found in goal, and PSG teammates Abdou Diallo and Idrissa Gueye are operating as defensive midfielders.

Senegal also won the Africa Cup earlier this year, which was certainly no coincidence given the quality of the team.

Bet Tip: If you have your sights set on WC 2022 underdog Senegal, you should place your bet sooner rather than later. As soon as Senegal has confirmed its qualification following the knockout duel as expected, the odds are going to drop fast. Right now, sports betting provider Betway offers fantastic odds of 251 on an overall World Cup victory for Sadio Mané and Co.

World Cup 2022 Information – important facts about the Football World Cup in Qatar

CompetitionFootball World Cup 2022
Participating countries32
World Cup Opening match21st November
WC final18th December
Number of matches64
Defending championFrance


Qatar, the controversial host

This is the first time in the history of football that the tournament takes place in an Arab country. This decision was already made back in 2010, when the FIFA executive committee announced to the world that Qatar had been chosen over its competitors USA, South Korea, Australia and Japan.

For its choice of Qatar, FIFA received a lot of criticism. For one, it later turned out that several FIFA executives had been bribed to vote in favour of Qatar. Furthermore, Qatar is also known to violate human rights on a regular basis, and it does not have any significant football traditions.

A further point for critique is with regard to the prevailing climate, which makes it impossible to carry out the final round during the summer, which will have big knock-on effects on various championship competitions around the world.

Match locations of the 2022 World Cup

Originally, twelve stadiums were planned to host the games, which was also reflected in Qatar’s bid. Following on from this, however, the number was reduced to eight match locations, as it did not make economic sense for a small country like Qatar to build so many arenas that would remain unused or largely demolished after the World Cup.

The country intends the stadiums to reflect the historic and cultural aspects of Qatar, and plans to use air conditioning to reduce temperatures inside the arenas by up to 20 degrees. Critics are however skeptical as to how this technology is going to work in open-air stadiums. After all, Al Bayt Stadium is the only match location that is completely covered.

StadiumCapacityLocationSpecial features
Lusail Iconic Stadium80,000LusailThe biggest stadium in Qatar, event location for the 2022 WC final
Al Bayt Stadium60,000Al KhorThe second-biggest stadium, event location for the opening match. Architecturally based on a nomad tent
Ahmed bin Ali Stadium44,740Al RayyanThis stadium is covered in multimedia screens and Qatar’s desert was the inspiration for this build
Education City Stadium40,000Al RayyanAfter the World Cup, this is intended to become the stadium for Qatar’s national women’s football team
Stadium 97440,000DohaThe name refers to the 974 recycled shipping containers that are built into this stadium. Also, 974 is the international country code for Qatar
Al Thumama Stadium40,000DohaThe roof of this stadium puts one in mind of a traditional Takka, a head cover for Muslim men
Al Janoub Stadium40,000Al-WakrahThe style of the roof was inspired by the sails of traditional Dhow boats, which are used by the pearl divers of the region
Khalifa International Stadium40,000DohaThis one was the first stadium completed for the World Cup. It is named after the previous emir Khalifa bin Hamad Al Thani
In this video, you can see what Qatar’s eight stadiumslook like from the inside and from the outside.

The kick-off times of the World Cup 2022

During the group stage of the 2022 World Cup, four matches will be taking place each day. Fans from England can watch the games at 10am, 1pm, 4pm and 7pm local time. Only on the last group matchdays are there going to be matches that take place simultaneously, at 3pm and 7pm.

The kick-off times during the knockout stage will also be at 3pm and 7pm. The fact that the starting times are very convenient for soccer fans from Europe is due to the fact that the time difference with Qatar is only a few hours.

The opening match of the 2022 World Cup

DayTimeVenueTeam 1 vs. Team 2
21.11.202211:00 am Al-Thumana StadiumSenegal vs. Netherlands

Fun fact: Official opening matches have only been a part of football world championships since the 1966 World Cup in England. Before that, teams would be starting the tournament with several matches at the same time. Naturally no team wants to start the tournament with a defeat, but it is still a curious fact that during the first four opening matches between 1966 and 1978 not a single goal was scored!

It was only in 1982 that Belgian Erwin Vandenbergh scored the first ever goal in an opening match for a surprising 1:0 win against Argentina.

World Cup 2022 opening match betting tip: The first game of a World Cup traditionally suits an Under bet best

Where does the final of the 2022 World Cup take place?

As always, the final of the 2022 World Cup will be held on a Sunday. Kickoff will be at 4 p.m. Central European Time on December 18, 2022, at Lusail Iconic Stadium, the tournament’s largest stadium with a capacity of 80,000 spectators.

The participants in the 2022 World Cup

A total of 32 countries are taking part in the tournament, which means, with 13 nations, a large part will be from the European confederation (UEFA).

Fun fact: This World Cup will be the last final round to see 32 teams competing. As early as WC 2026, which will be taking place in Canada, Mexico and the USA, 48 nations will be allowed to start, so that it will become easier to qualify for the tournament.

WC 2022 broadcast on TV: Where can I watch World Cup 2022 games in the UK, USA and Australia?

The BBC will cover the 2022 World Cup in the United Kingdom. The new agreement, signed together with ITV, covers TV, radio and online coverage.

In the US, the 2022 FIFA World Cup will be broadcasted live on FOX Sports (English-language) and Telemundo (Spanish-language).

Australian soccer fans will tune in to SBS during the winter months. All 64 matches are transmitted live on this channel free of charge

Frequently asked questions about the Football World Cup in Qatar

Which countries applied for World Cup 2022?

In addition to Qatar, Australia, the United States, Japan and South Korea had also bid for the 2022 World Cup.

When does the World Cup 2022 start?

The opening match between hosts Qatar and Ecuador is going to take place on the 20th November 2022 at al-Bayt Stadium

When is the final of the World Cup 2022?

The WC final is going to take place on 18thDecember 2022 atthe Lusail Iconic Stadium in front of 80,000 spectators.

Why is the World Cup 2022 taking place in Qatar?

FormerFIFA president Sepp Blatter stated that the Arab world deserves a World Cup. However, in the end, the decision was mostly based oncommercial interests and concessions.

Why is World Cup 2022 taking place during the winter?

Because of the extreme heat that is prevalent in Qatar during the summer months, FIFA decided back in 2015 that the World Cup should take place in November and December 2022. Holding thecompetitionduring the summer would have endangered the health of the players.

How many participants are there in the World Cup 2022?

Altogether, there are 32 teams participating in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. In future, the number of participants will be increasedand 2026 will see 48 nations taking part.

When was the World Cup awarded to Qatar?

The World Cup was awardedto Qatar on 2ndDecember 2010. The vote took place in the FIFA headquarters in Zurich.

Who will be broadcasting the World Cup 2022?

The BBC will cover the 2022 World Cup in the United Kingdom. In the US, the 2022 FIFA World Cup will be broadcasted live on FOX Sports and Telemundo.

Who is the best bookmaker for World Cup 2022 Betting?

Overlyzer bookmaker test winner for WC 2022 bets: bet365. The English bookmaker convinces with great bonus offersand an excellent payout rate.

Which bets will be available at the World Cup 2022?

Aside from the standard types of bets, you can find numerous special bets at major events such as the World and European championships. Regardless of whether they are Over/Under, Live or pre-match, accumulators, system or long-term bets. At the WC 2022 you will be able to place all kindsof bets.

Who was the last football world champion?

France will be entering the tournament as the defending champion. Coach Didier Deschamps led the French to the WC title in 2018.

Who was European Champion in 2021?

Italy prevailed against England during the 2021 European Championship. The decision only fell during penalties, after a 1:1 draw at the end of120 minutes.

Where will the World Cup 2026 take place?

The 2026 World Cup will be taking place in Mexico, Canada and the USA. These nations prevailed over Morocco by 134:65 votes

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