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Live bets with Overlyzer » tool for successful live betting

Get your ultimate betting benefit.

How do live bets work?

Live or in-play bets are bets that are placed when a match is already underway. Compared to bets placed before the game, live bets have significantly more odds movements, which depend on the course of the game.

However, the fast-moving type of betting also guarantees the greatest excitement and gives the bettor the opportunity to follow the game live on TV, or even in the stadium, and directly respond to the prevailing conditions.

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Why you should not bet “blindly” on live games

Due to the large offer that the best bookmakers now have in their live assortment, one is often tempted to bet “blindly” on a live result, although one does not follow the game at all and – if at all – only has superficial statistics as a basis for deciding on one’s bet.

This should be avoided, especially since this kind of betting is almost like a lottery. When betting live, it is very important to either watch the match live or to be able to research as much information as possible about the course of the match.

How can I use Overlyzer to place better live bets?

Overlyzer’s live tool maps the pressure situations in soccer matches from over 1,000 leagues and competitions – in real time. This allows Overlyzer users to see at a glance which team is applying more pressure and dominating the game. The blue line represents the pressure exerted by the home team, while the red line represents the pressure exerted by the away team.

The “Game Offense Factor” also interprets whether a game is more offensive or more defensive based on various statistics and live performance data. On average, a value of 30% or more over the full duration of the match indicates that the game is being played offensively and actively. You can find a more detailed explanation of how these metrics work on our YouTube account.

How should I set filters to bet live more successfully?

The most important feature of Overlyzer is the match filter. In addition to preset filter options that you can use immediately as a paying user, it is possible to set individual filters that fit your betting behavior exactly. You can filter all statistics, odds, timings, over/under bets but also the exclusive Overlyzer metrics, such as pressure situations or the Game Offense Factor, to get only the matches displayed that make sense for your betting strategy.

For example, if you only filter out games in which the pressure difference between the two teams is at least 30%, Overlyzer will show you the games that currently have a quite striking difference in the pressure ratios between the two teams.

What’s in it for me?

Overlyzer offers the best live betting tool to keep a clear overview of numerous live matches at the same time. While normally you can hardly watch two matches live at the same time and you have to click through numerous match pages at the online betting sites to find only basic statistics of a match, Overlyzer shows you the pressure ratios in graph form and thus explains at first glance how a match is currently going.

On some match days, several hundred games are thus mapped at once, and with the help of the filter options you can perfectly narrow down this huge wealth of information to your needs. You can find numerous tutorials on how to use the filters correctly on YouTube.

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