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2022 FIFA World Cup Group E – Odds, Predictions & Betting Tips

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Group E of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar features two obvious favorites for the bookies, Spain and Germany, who not only want to win the group, but also have a serious say in the World Cup title.

Japan and Costa Rica will enter the race as big underdogs and advancing to the round of 16 would be a huge surprise.

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Table of contents: World Cup 2022 Group E

  1. Teams
  2. World Cup betting on Group E
  3. Who will win group E?
  4. Who will advance to the round of 16?
  5. Statistics for last games of Group E teams
  6. Over/Under Trends for Group E
  7. Who will score the first goal in the match?
  8. Group E Match Schedule
  9. FAQ – Questions and answers about World Cup 2022 Group E!

Germany to win group E ➜ best odds 2.15 @ 22Bet

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Spain enjoyed some magical years between 2008 and 2012, winning two European titles and one World Cup. The Spanish national team seemed invincible, barely allowing opponents to touch the ball with their tiki-taka style of play.

The supremacy ended abruptly at the 2014 World Cup, when they lost 5-1 to the Netherlands in their first group match. An era came to an end. Head coach Luis Enrique is expected to give the Spanish national team a new face.

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Costa Rica caused a huge stir at the 2014 World Cup. The underdogs won Group D ahead of Uruguay, Italy and England, beat Greece in the round of 16 and only lost to the Netherlands on penalties in the quarterfinals.

Coach Luis Fernando Suárez is relying on some of the heroes of yesteryear for this World Cup, but they are past their prime. Keylor Navas, who won the Champions League three times between 2016 and 2018, is the star of the team.

More about the Costa Rica national team

Germany celebrated a magnificent World Cup title in 2014, with the 7-1 victory over Brazil in the semifinals being particularly memorable. After this demonstration of power, however, the coach at the time, Joachim Löw, ran out of luck and has since been replaced by Hansi Flick, who, as a former Bayern coach, knows many of his players very well.

An elimination from the group stage, as at the 2018 World Cup in Russia, is to be avoided at all costs. Joshua Kimmich is one of the absolute key players in the team, as he is one of the most complete midfielders in the world.

Here’s an interview with DFB coach Hansi Flick, who talks about his goals with the German national team.

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Japan has participated in every single World Cup since 1998 and can be counted as a permanent guest at World Cup tournaments. Although the Japanese have qualified for the round of 16 in three of the last six tournaments, this time they will start the competition as underdogs, just like Costa Rica. The national team can call on many foreign players, but the big stars are missing from the squad.

More about the Japan national team

World Cup betting on Group E

As expected, the bookies see Spain and Germany as the big favorites in this group. Our best sports betting site Bet365 rates Spain slightly stronger than Germany and offers odds of @1.83 for the group win, while you get odds of @2.20 for the group winner Germany. Japan are the more dangerous underdogs, as can be seen from the odds of @11.00, which are relatively low compared to the odds of @34.00 on Costa Rica winning their group.

For an advancement to the round of 16 you can find a similar distribution of betting odds. The odds stand at only 1.11 for Spain and 1.16 for Germany. Japan advancing will pay 4.33 times the wager if successful, while a bet on Costa Rica advancing will pay seven times the wager.

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There are some interesting dark horses in this World Cup, but Japan and Costa Rica are not among them in our betting strategies. Therefore, we do not recommend betting on the two underdogs at this time, but rather betting on the favorites. Live bets could be especially interesting, as you can get a good sense of the games in the first few minutes and thus minimize the risk.

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Who will win group E?

Spain and Germany are the two obvious favorites to win the group. While the bookmakers slightly favor the Spaniards, we bet on Germany due to the better odds. Germany wants to re-establish its reputation as a “tournament team” and also completed a very impressive World Cup qualifying campaign.

Logo Bet365 klein22bet Logo 50Bet-at-home Logo klein
Costa Rica51.055.046.0

It is highly likely that the group victory will be decided in the direct clash between Spain and Germany, which will take place on November 27, 2022, at the al-Bayt Stadium and is perhaps the most high-class match of the entire group stage.

Germany to win group E ➜ best odds 2.15 @ 22Bet

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Who will advance to the round of 16?

No other group seems to be so clear-cut when it comes to the chances of advancing to the World Cup round of 16. Spain and Germany are the big favorites for the bookmakers, although here too the Spaniards are rated slightly stronger than Germany by most betting providers.

Costa Rica will probably have no real chance. With the exception of an exceptional goalkeeper, the team has little international class and relies on a number of players who are already older and past their prime. Costa Rica has only one advantage: the team has nothing to lose and can only surprise at this tournament. On the attack, Luis Fernando Suárez’s team is eager but mostly harmless, and they will primarily want to rely on a solid defense, which, however, could be overwhelmed, especially against Spain and Germany.

Betting pick: Spain and Germany advance to the round of 16 @ Bet365

The Japanese national team is certainly a bit more interesting in this regard. It lacks the big stars, but the selection is traditionally strong as a team. One problem in recent years, however, has been the inconsistent performance. Although Japan always qualifies for World Cup finals due to the relatively easy opponents, they don’t always manage to fulfill the team’s potential.

Against weaker opponents, for example, they did not always manage to convert their superiority into goals, as can be seen, for example, in the games against Vietnam, when they were only able to score a total of two goals in two games despite an overwhelming dominance:

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Overlyzer Live Trends Japan vs. Vietnam
Overlyzer Live Trends Vietnam vs. Japan

Statistics for last games of Group E teams


DateOpponentVenueResultXGPossessionAccuracyDuels won
26/03/2022IsraelH2 – 03.39 : 0.9867,78%88,95%48,37%
29/03/2022NetherlandsA1 – 11.30 : 1.3160,64%89,83%41,76%
04/06/2022ItalyA1 – 11.46 : 0.7566,19%89,21%44,51%
07/06/2022EnglandH1 – 10.83 : 1.6861,24%88,95%49,09%
11/06/2022HungaryA1 – 10.92 : 1.3866,66%88,98%46,79%
14/06/2022ItalyH5 – 23.66 : 1.9064,69%89,26%45,74%
23/09/2022HungaryH0 – 10.90 : 0.8672,34%85,94%53,89%
26/09/2022EnglandA3 – 31.98 : 2.1657,57%87,77%50,54%


DateOpponentVenueResultXGPossessionAccuracyDuels won
26/03/2022AlbaniaH2 – 11.56 : 0.2180,53%91,95%50,30%
29/03/2022IcelandH5 – 03.99 : 0.1483,88%92,99%47,92%
02/06/2022PortugalH1 – 11.18 : 0.9458,56%86,63%47,75%
05/06/2022Czech RepublicA2 – 21.59 : 0.7677,73%91,77%53,19%
09/06/2022SwitzerlandA1 – 01.09 : 0.5367,23%89,93%54,48%
12/06/2022Czech RepublicH2 – 01.39 : 0.6275,37%90,40%50,29%
24/09/2022SwitzerlandH1 – 20.46 : 1.0375,29%88,50%53,77%
27/09/2022PortugalA1 – 00.86 : 1.0866,00%90,63%45,45%


DateOpponentVenueResultXGPossessionAccuracyDuels won
27/01/2022ChinaH2 – 02.44 : 0.0060,20%85,32%54,38%
01/02/2022Saudi ArabiaH2 – 01.12 : 0.1539,64%79,33%49,15%
24/03/2022AustraliaA2 – 02.12 : 0.8355,44%83,85%48,34%
29/03/2022VietnamH1 – 14.05 : 0.2873,31%87,01%55,21%
02/06/2022ParaguayN4 – 16.58 : 0.4959,04%88,34%58,33%
06/06/2022BrazilN0 – 10.51 : 3.3146,31%85,79%44,81%
10/06/2022GhanaH4 – 12.32 : 0.3055,35%92,02%51,21%
14/06/2022TunisiaH0 – 30.45 : 1.4763,59%89,02%46,52%
23/09/2022USAN2 – 01.92 : 0.4942,80%83,29%55,73%
27/09/2022EcuadorN0 – 01.05 : 1.5550,57%85,71%47,01%

Costa Rica

DateOpponentVenueResultXGPossessionAccuracyDuels won
28/01/2022PanamaH1 – 01.04 : 2.3437,83%79,01%47,13%
31/01/2022MexicoA0 – 00.81 : 1.4330,02%75,78%49,76%
03/02/2022JamaicaA1 – 01.28 : 2.1738,17%80,23%44,61%
25/03/2022CanadaH1 – 01.40 : 2.2333,47%80,84%48,74%
27/03/2022El SalvadorA2 – 11.87 : 0.4437,66%79,57%59,89%
31/03/2022USAH2 – 01.32 : 1.4438,47%79,85%40,89%
03/06/2022PanamaA0 – 20.58 : 1.8642,27%86,04%52,70%
05/06/2022MartiniqueH2 – 02.59 : 1.0661,48%86,90%49,28%
14/06/2022New ZealandN1 – 00.17 : 1.1736,98%77,36%47,19%
23/09/2022South KoreaN2 – 22.54 : 2.2538,04%82,82%48,82%
27/09/2022UzbekistanN2 – 11.74 : 1.1263,79%87,54%49,03%

Spain and Germany will apply a lot of pressure in the games against the two underdogs Japan and Costa Rica and create numerous scoring chances, so we can definitely prepare for games with many goals.

Compared to Spain, Germany brings a bit more punch to its attacking game, which could be an advantage against defensive opponents.

As mentioned above, Japan often finds it difficult to convert its superiority into goals against weaker opponents – on the other hand, the Japanese only lost 1-0 to Brazil in June 2022, so they can be expected not to run into a complete disaster against Spain and Germany.

Costa Rica will struggle in attack against all three teams in the group, and we wouldn’t be surprised if the underdog goes the entire tournament without scoring. So, the question is how many goals will they concede? That’s not so easy to estimate, since Costa Rica has hardly faced strong opponents in recent years. However, in the games against the USA and Mexico, the team looked stable in 2022. Germany and Spain, however, are more powerful opponents.

Speaking of Over/Under Betting:  Have you already seen our Over/Under tool? Our betting tool shows you even before the game starts the probabilities of how many goals will be scored in a game and if a game has an “over” or an “under” trend!

Who will score the first goal in the match?

To bet on the first goalscorer of a match, you need to consider a few aspects. Who kicks the penalties for each team? Who is the target player in the attack? Who are the top scorers in the national team?

We sum up the most promising picks for the first goalscorer of each team.

Alvaro Morata (target player and penalty taker) Spain
Kai Havertz (target player) Germany
Ilkay Gündogan (penalty taker)   Germany
Takumi Minamino (penalty taker) Japan
Celso Borges (penalty taker) Costa Rica

who will be World Cup top scorer – all bets & odds

Group E Match Schedule

Group E fixtures will be played between November 23rd and December 1st. The clash between Spain and Germany will take place on Sunday, November the 27th at al-Bayt Stadium.

Nov. 234 p.m.EKhalifa InternationalGerrmany – Japan
Nov. 237 p.m.Eal-ThumamaSpain – Costa Rica
Nov. 271 p.m.EAhmed bin AliJapan – Costa Rica
Nov. 2710 p.m.Eal-BaytSpain – Germany
Dec. 110 p.m.Eal-BaytCosta Rica – Germany
Dec. 110 p.m.EKhalifa InternationalJapan – Spain
World Cup 2022 fixtures

Kick-off times on schedules are stated as local time in Qatar. Please check following table to translate kick-off times to your time-zone:

Qatar (local time)USA & Canada (ET)UK (GMT)Europe (CET)Australia (AEDT)India (IST)
1 p.m.5 a.m.10 a.m.11:009 p.m.3:30 p.m.
4 p.m.8 a.m.1 p.m.14:0012 p.m.6:30 p.m.
6 p.m.10 a.m.3 p.m.16:002 p.m.8:30 p.m.
7 p.m.11 a.m.4 p.m.17:003 p.m.9:30 p.m.
10 p.m.2 p.m.7 p.m.20:006 p.m.12:30 a.m.

Germany – Japan

Wednesday, November 23, 2022, 01:00 pm GMT, Khalifa International Stadium

The first match in Group E will be between Germany and Japan. Hansi Flick’s team will be pushing hard for three points, as the top match against Spain is on the agenda afterwards and they would already be under a lot of pressure if they lost points on the first matchday. Germany is more solid than in the final stages under Jogi Löw and will start the tournament with three points.

We bet on an opening win for the favorites, who will lay the foundation for advancing to the World Cup round of 16 with a victory against Japan.

Betting pick: Win Germany @ 1.33 / Bet365

Khalifa International Stadium at World Cup 2022
the Khalifa International Stadium – where the first group match of the German teams against Japan will take place

Spain – Costa Rica

Wednesday, November 23, 2022, 04:00 pm GMT, (al-Thumama Stadium)

This is a clash between the bookmakers’ favorite and the group’s biggest underdog. This is certainly one of the fixtures of the World Cup finals, where the circumstances could hardly be clearer. Costa Rica is not expected to have many attacking activities and will hope that the defense will keep the nil for a long time. Spain, however, should be able to crack the defensive stronghold, so we do not predict a surprise here.

We bet on a win for the skilled Spaniards, who should create enough during the 90 minutes.

Betting pick: Win Spain @ 1.25 / Bet365

Japan – Costa Rica

Sunday, November 27, 2022, 10                :00 am GMT, (Ahmed bin Ali Stadium)

Japan will go into the Group E underdogs’ clash as favorites, but will probably have some trouble against their opponents’ solid defense. We expect a narrow victory for the Japanese or a draw, but we don’t think the spectators will see too many goals in this match.

We therefore favor an under bet and predict that less than 2.5 goals will be scored.

➜ Betting pick: under 2.5 goals @ – / Bet365

Spain – Germany

Sunday, November 27, 2022, 07:00 pm, (al-Bayt Stadium)

The clash between the two favorites will determine who wins the group. If both teams start the tournament with a win as expected, we can well imagine that the two teams will part with a draw. Such a draw would bring Spain and Germany one step closer to the round of 16 and the group win would then be decided on goal difference in a long-distance duel.

We bet on a draw if both teams managed to win their first games.

➜ Betting pick: Draw @ – / Bet365

Japan – Spain

Thursday, 01 December 2022, 07:00 pm GMT, (Khalifa International Stadium)

We assume that Spain will need to win a point on the last matchday to advance to the round of 16. In this case, we bet on the favorites to dominate the action against Japan and display their class. If coach Luis Enrique’s team has already picked up six points at this point, we will refrain from betting, as some key players would get a break.

We bet on a favorite win, except if Spain doesn’t need any more points to advance.

➜ Tip: Win Spain @ – / Bet365

Costa Rica – Germany

Thursday, 01 December 2022, 07:00 pm GMT, (al-Bayt Stadium)

In contrast to the game played between Japan and Spain, we are betting on a win for the favorites here, regardless of the table standings. Germany should have the physical power to prevail against the biggest underdog in Group E. If the goal difference should still play a part in winning the group, a handicap win or an over bet is also an interesting alternative to the 3-way bet.

➜ Betting pick: Win Germany @ – / Bet365

FAQ – Questions and answers about World Cup 2022 Group E!

Who will play in World Cup 2022 Group E?

Spain, Germany, Japan and Costa Rica will compete in Group E.

Who is the favorite in World Cup Group E with Spain and Germany?

There are two big favorites in Group E, which have about equal chances to win the group. Bookmaker bet365 considers Spain to be the favorites with odds of @1.83, just ahead of Germany with odds of @2.20.

Which stadiums will host the World Cup Group E?

Group E fixtures will take place at Khalifa International Stadium in Doha, al-Thumama Stadium in Doha, Ahmed bin Ali Stadium in ar-Rayyan and al-Bayt Stadium in al-Chaur.al-Thumama Stadium at World Cup 2022 in Qatar

Who will the group winner from group E play against in the round of 16?

The winner of Group E will play the runner-up in Group F in the round of 16. Belgium, Croatia, Canada and Morocco will compete in Group F.

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