What is a Goliath Bet? How to place Goliath Bets!

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Like every other kind of system bet, the Goliath bet is made up of several selections, from which the system generates multiple bets that are evaluated and paid out independently of each other.

The number of required picks and the bets composed of them depend on the respective system bet in question. Among these system bets, as its name indicates, the “Goliath” is a true giant.

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The Goliath System: 247 bets from 8 selections

By picking 8 bet selections from the football sportsbook, the player can build a Goliath system bet consisting of 247 bets altogether. Only accumulators are included in this. So unlike the Lucky system (Lucky 15, Lucky 31 and Lucky 63), the Goliath does not contain any single bets.

As is well-known, an accumulator is made up of a combination of several selections. This means that all the selections within the combination need to be correct, in order for the bet to be successful. In return, the player will receive a higher win than from a single bet, because the profit is calculated by multiplying all the odds with the stake.

As it is possible to generate an accumulator from just 2 selections, 8 selections can produce a lot more variations, ranging from doubles to an 8-fold accumulator. This is the case with the Goliath.

From 8 selections…

  • … 28 doubles (equal to the system 2 out of 8)
  • … 56 trebles (= system 3 out of 8)
  • … 70 fourfold accumulators (= system 4 out of 8)
  • … 56 fivefold accumulators (= system 5 out of 8)
  • … 28 sixfold accumulators (= system 6 out of 8)
  • … eight sevenfold accumulators (= system 7 out of 8)

and one eightfold accumulator can be generated. This adds up to 247 bets altogether.

For the bettor, this means that he can earn money from his Goliath bet even with just 2 correct results. This may sound like a good opportunity, however, such a “win” would not be exactly ideal for the punter.

This is because the increased chances of winning with this system bet mean that it also has proportionally high costs: 247 accumulators each have to be funded with a stake from the betting account.

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Complex system bets have relatively high costs

This is also the downside of such complex betting systems as the Goliath: in addition to good chances of winning, they are also associated with high costs. Whereby the point at which the income from the betting strategy exceeds the expenses is of course also dependent on the size of the odds.

High odds are usually only available for underdogs, which in turn reduces the chances of success of the bet. In order to find a good balance between risk and potential winnings, it can pay off to combine favorite picks with a few underdog bets.

Nonetheless, overall, it is unlikely that anything less than 4 correct selections will produce a profit with the Goliath bet. More than anything, luck, or rather thorough analysis and/or expertise are required to break even with this kind of system bet.

When looking at the potential jackpot – 8 successful selections out of 8 – it is clear why the Goliath is so attractive. Just a simple calculation is all that is required – this is done automatically by the odds calculator on the bet slip: Assuming that every selection carries odds of 3.00 and the stake per bet line is 1 Euro, the potential gross profit here would be 65,511 Euros. Minus costs (247 Euros), this would result in a net profit of 65,264 Euros.

Naturally, this is just an example of an ideal case. For those who are still not deterred by the risk of the Goliath bet, and for whom this may not even be risky enough, we would like to refer to its big brother, the Super Goliath, for the sake of completeness.

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The Super Goliath goes one step further

With the Super Goliath, one more selection is required than with the Goliath. Altogether then, there are 9 selections, from which the system can generate 502 lines of bets. A ns with the Goliath, all possible combinations are included here, which, based on 9 selections, range from doubles to a 9-fold accumulator. n

In practice, however, the Super Goliath is of relatively little importance, as is reflected by the programmes of many bookmakers. Only very few offer this system bet at all. One of the exceptions is the English bookmaker, Bet365, where the Super Goliath can be found under the term “Block”.

The case is different with the Goliath, which is generally offered by online bookmakers as standard.

How to play the Goliath system at the bookmakers?

Like any other system bet, the Goliath can be found on the bet slip. Once all the selections required for this system bet have been added, the entry field for the Goliath becomes available under the heading of “Multiple bets”. This is where the player can enter the amount, he wants to invest per bet line.

It should be noted here in this context that, as a rule, there is usually a minimum stake required. But as this is just cents in the case of many sports betting sites – with occasionally stakes of as little as 5 cents per bet line, a Goliath bet can be affordable even with a smaller betting budget.

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