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A System Bet is a mixture of several accumulator bets that make it possible to lose one or more bets and still win part of the bet. There is a minimum of three events on your betting slip to enable a system bet and you do not have to win every selection to cash a payout from your bookmaker.

On this page you can find all betting systems offered by most bookmakers reviewed by Overlyzer.

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Betting Systems Overview

Overlyzer Live Betting Trends

The system bet 2 out of 3 (2/3)

With the system bet 2 out of 3, three bets on any events are selected and combined to form a system bet. All possible pairs of two are created from these three picks. These bets result in three possible pairings and thus three accumulator bets in a system bet.

System bet 2 out of 3
Betting on a 2 out of 3 system

Bet A, Bet B and Bet C.
1st bet: A + B
2nd bet: A + C
3rd bet: B + C

The betting odds for the individual accumulator bet are calculated by multiplying the individual bets. For example, if tip A had a rate of 1.5 and tip B had a rate of 2.0, the combination of A and B would result in a total rate of 3.0.

The system bet 2 out of 4 (2/4)

With a 2 out of 4 system bet, four individual events are combined into a system bet slip. All possible 2-way combinations are formed from the four tips. A total of six accumulator bets are made.


Picks A, B, C and D. The following accumulators are formed: A + B, A + C, A + D, B + C, B + D and C + D.

System bet 2 out of 4
Betting on a 2 out of 4 system

The system bet 3 out of 4 (3/4)

With the 3 out of 4 system bet, four individual events are again combined to form a system bet. In contrast to the 2 out of 4 system bet, three picks are always combined with the ¾ system. There are only four accumulator bets formed in total.


Picks A, B, C and D. The following accumulators are formed: A + B + C, A + B + D, A + C + D, B + C + D.

System bet 3 out of 4
Betting on a 3 out of 4 system

The system bet 3 out of 5 (3/5)

In a 3 out of 5 system bet, also known as a 3/5 system bet for short, five different events are selected in order to create all possible 3-way combinations. With a 3 out of 5 bet system, 10 different 3-way combinations can be created from these distinct five events.

Any bets can be formed according to the same system as a 2 out of 3, 2 out of 4 or 3 out of 4. The possibilities of system bets vary from different online betting sites. Often a bet, e.g. 3 out of 9, is also possible, whereby nine events are selected, 3-way combinations are formed from them with a total of 84 individual combinations options arising from this system.

The system bet with banks

What does a bank mean in a system bet? A bank would be a safe bet. A presumably safe event can be picked as a bank, which means that this one pick (the bank) should appear in every single combination within the system bet. Important!

If your bank pick is lost, the entire system bet loses, as there is no accumulator without this pick. However, if the bank pick actually wins, the chance of winning every system bet increases for all combinations – as they are primarily based on that one.

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Special System Bets

In addition to the conventional system bets, there are also the following special cases:

System bet ‘Trixie’

With a Trixie system bet, you choose three events. This bet, then, results in an accumulator bet from the three events and three 2-way combinations (see above). In total, you are playing 4 bets with a Trixie.

System bet ‘Patent’

The Patent system bet only differs from the Trixie system bet, as in addition to the 4 bets mentioned above, a single bet is also played per event, i.e. you play 7 bets in total.

System bet ‘Yankee’

You can place the Yankee bet after selecting 4 events. The Yankee system bet consists of six combinations of two, four combinations of three and one combination of four events. In total, you play 11 bets with a Yankee system bet.

System bet ‘Lucky 15’

The Lucky 15 is also similar to the Yankee bet described above, with the main difference being that a single bet is also placed on each event. This adds four bets to the Yankee bet and a total of 15 bets – thus called ‘Lucky 15’ system.

System bet ‘Canadian’

For a Canadian system bet you need to select five events. The following system bets are formed from this pattern: ten combinations of two, ten combinations of three, five combinations of four and one combination of five events. In total, the ‘Canadian’ system bet results in a number of 26 bets.

System bet ‘Lucky 31’

Guess? Correct! Lucky 31 is a Canadian system bet plus a single bet per selected event. This means that the Lucky 31 results in a total of 31 individual bets.

System bet ‘Heinz’

With a Heinz system bet, you select six individual picks and can, thus, form the following combination bets: 15 combinations of two, 20 combinations of three, 15 combinations of four, six combinations of five and one combination of six events. In total, you play 57 bets with a Heinz bet.

System bet ‘Lucky 63’

Bingo! The Lucky 63 is a Heinz system bet that includes single events, i.e. 63 bets.

System bet ‘Super Heinz’

The system bet Super Heinz puts one more on the Heinz system. So, seven events are necessary for the Super Heinz and result in the following combination options: 21 combinations of two, 35 combinations of three, 35 combinations of four, 21 combinations of five, seven combinations of six and one combination of seven events. In total, you play 120 bets with a Super Heinz.

System bet ‘Goliath’

The Goliath system bet is the last special system bet that we want to go into in detail. Eight individual events are required for a Goliath system bet, forming the following combinations: 28 combinations of two, 56 combinations of three, 70 combinations of four, 56 combinations of five, 28 combinations of six, eight combinations of seven and one combination of eight. In total, the Goliath system bet results in 247 bets.

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The big overview of system bets

The following illustration gives you an overview of the most common system bets available at most betting sites. In the column you can see the number of picks that are used for the system bet. The number of events per combination is shown on the row. These comprise the total number of bets that can be formed in the matrix.

The special system bets are also listed below.

System bet overview sports betting
System bet overview

If you want to combine many events with one another in order to raise the odds, the risk increases that one of the selected pick will fail. If a single event is lost in an accumulator bet, the entire betting slip is lost. In the case of a system bet, on the other hand, the remaining accumulator bets can be won despite a failed pick. That means that with system bets, the possible odds decrease, but the real chance of winning actually increases.

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