What is a Canadian Bet? How to place Canadian Bets!

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The Canadian system bet, occasionally also referred to as the Super Yankee, is composed of several accumulator bets. An accumulator occurs when two or more selections are combined into one sports bet and winnings are only paid out when all forecasts prove to be correct.

The Canadian requires a total of 5 selections, from which the system automatically generates all possible bet combinations that can be created based on this number of selections.

This means that this system bet contains doubles, trebles and 4-fold accumulators as well as a 5-fold accumulator. In total 26 bet combinations are formed in this way.

Single bets, such as can be found in the Lucky 31 system bet which also consists of 5 selections but contains 31 lines of bets (26 accumulators + 5 single bets), are not a part of the Canadian.

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The Canadian Bet: 5 selections, 26 accumulators

When all possible combinations of accumulators are generated, the result is ten doubles, ten trebles, five 4-fold accumulators and one 5-fold accumulator.

A practical example of the potential winnings that can result from this, is shown in the table below.

As is well-known, the amount to be won with an accumulator bet can be calculated by multiplying the odds with the stake.

Assuming you invest 1 Euro per bet/line and taking into account the odds used for the purpose of this example, you would see the following returns:

  LineSelection 1Selection 2Selection 3Selection 4Selection 5Win
10xDoubles12.001.50   3.00
  22.00 4.10  8.20
  32.00  3.50 7.00
  42.00   5.0010.00
  5 1.504.10  6.15
  6 1.50 3.50 5.25
  7 1.50  5.007.50
  8  4.103.50 14.34
  9  4.10 5.0020.50
  10   3.505.0017.50
10xTrebles112.001.504.10  12.30
  122.00 4.103.50 28.70
  132.00  3.505.0035.00
  142.001.50 3.50 10.50
  152.001.50  5.0015.00
  16 1.504.103.50 21.525
  17 1.50 3.505.0026.25
  18 1.504.10 5.0030.75
  192.00 4.10 5.0041.00
  20  4.103.505.0071.75
5x4-fold accumulator212.001.504.103.50 43.05
  222.00 4.103.505.00143.50
  232.001.50 3.505.0052.50
  242.001.504.10 5.0061.50
  25 1.504.103.505.00107.625
1x5-fold accumulator262.001.504.103.505.00215.25

In an ideal situation, this bet would bring the player returns of 1,015.64 Euros. This assumes, of course, that all the events are forecast correctly, which, with 5 selections, would be considered quite lucky.

For this reason, the system bet is designed to produce a win even when some of the forecast results turn out to be incorrect.

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The chances of winning with a Canadian

To generate a win for the player, at least 2 of the 5 selections for the Canadian system need to be forecast correctly. In this case, then, the player would win some money from the double that is created by the corresponding two selections.

With betting odds in the range chosen in the above example, the player would have to concede a loss in any case: none of the doubles produces a profit that is more than the 26 Euros spent on the bet stake.

This also clearly demonstrates why the Canadian might be preferable to the Lucky 31 system: If we use our example of 1 Euro per line, the stake for the Lucky 31 bet would cost the player five Euros more.

So, for one, the possible total loss would be higher, and, while the single bet represents additional security in a betting strategy that can bring in a win (in the case that only one selection succeeds), with average odds you would at most get back the added costs of the more expensive system bet.

Number of successful bets resulting from a Canadian system bet with…

… 0 incorrect selections:26 
… 1 incorrect selection:10(six doubles, three trebles and one 4-fold accumulator)
… 2 incorrect selections:4(three doubles and one treble)
… 3 incorrect selections: 
… 4 incorrect selections: 

When calculating a Canadian bet, the scenario becomes much better with 3 correctly predicted outcomes. In this case, three doubles and a triple can be counted as a successful win.

Even when the bet is composed of odds-on favourites, the resulting returns are likely to exceed the costs of the bet.

Even with one incorrect selection, the bet can be quite lucrative, as the player will still receive the returns from 10 accumulators.

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Placing a Canadian bet with your online bookmaker

If a football betting enthusiast wants to place a Canadian bet with an online bookmaker of his choice, he will need to add five selections from five different matches to his bet slip. The box which allows the stake for the system bet to be entered will then become available.

Here, the player can set the amount he wants to use per line of the bet. At the end of the betting slip, the total costs will be automatically calculated and displayed alongside the potential total return of the bet.

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