What is a Yankee Bet? How to place Yankee Bets!

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The Yankee bet belongs to the system bets and, as such, it is composed of several selections and several accumulators.

In principle, its purpose is to combine these chosen selections in all possible ways, so that even if individual predictions turns out to be incorrect, some winnings can still be obtained.

The “Yankee” system bet: 4 selections, 11 bets

The “Yankee” system bet contains a total of four selections and 11 bets. The four selections are chosen by the punter himself – the bets that are formed from them, on the other hand, are predetermined by the betting system:

A Yankee consists of 6 accumulators with 2 selections each, 4 accumulators with 3 selections each and one accumulator with 4 selections.

With these eleven bets, all accumulators that can potentially be generated from those four selections are covered.

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This is illustrated in the table below, where “x” shows which selections are contained in each accumulator.

The following bets are included in the “Yankee” system bet:

   Selection 1Selection 2Selection 3Selection 4
6xdoublesBet 1:xx  
  Bet 2:x x 
  Bet 3:x  X
  Bet 4: xx 
  Bet 5: x x
  Bet 6:  xx
4xtreblesBet 1:xxx 
  Bet 2: xxx
  Bet 3:x xx
  Bet 4:xx x
1x4-fold accumulator: xxxx

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More correct selections mean higher winnings

As with all system bets, the purpose of the Yankee bet is to reduce the risk of a total loss when placing a bet. In general, the risk of a bet will increase the more selections and the more underdogs are included.

Then again, this also makes the bet more lucrative. The Yankee bet is interesting for your betting strategy in this regard because it covers both of these points.

Finally, when the time of settlement comes, the bettor receives a profit from all those bets that are included in the system, that were correctly picked.

If there is one “dud” among the picks, then at least three doubles and one fourfold accumulator will be counted as successful by your favourite bookmaker.

If there are two incorrect forecasts among the selections, there are still the earnings from one of the 6 doubles to look forward to. If there are three or more incorrect selections the player doesn’t get anything.

Number of successful bets resulting from a Yankee system bet with…

… 0 incorrect selections:11 
… 1 incorrect selection:4(three doubles and one 4-fold accumulator)
… 2 incorrect selections:1(one double)
… 3 incorrect selections: 
… 4 incorrect selections: 

Choosing the Yankee bet at online bookmakers: Tips, odds & selecting it for your bet slip

How high the betting profit will be in each individual case and whether, with only two correct picks, the betting profit will at least cover the bet amount, depends to a large extent on the selected tips, i.e. the odds.

In general, system bets offer an excellent opportunity for including a “risky” pick.

If the risky bet is the only one that fails, there is no loss to regret if the other predictions come true. If it does succeed, despite expectations, the total winnings will be considerably higher!

Additionally, the football betting enthusiast has a relatively free hand when it comes to choosing types of bets and football matches from all over the world. There is only one exception to this: A system bet cannot contain several bets on one and the same football match.

Once the player has picked his four selections and added them to the bet slip, he needs to enter his stake in the field under the “Yankee” heading.

This will set the stake per accumulator. You will need to multiply this by 11 to get the total costs for your Yankee bet.

These are also shown at the bottom of your bet slip, where the potential total returns are also displayed.

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