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The late 90s saw the first wave of online bookies dedicated exclusively to the then new distribution channel.

Where the journey would lead could only be vaguely guessed at the time, and yet among this generation, like all the generations of online sportsbooks that followed, Bet365 emerged as one of the most successful.

The provider knows how to award itself the title of “most popular sports betting portal in the world” and the hard figures, above all almost 100 million customers, undoubtedly prove it right.

The competition has also occasionally admitted to always looking in the direction of Bet365 in order to copy the implemented innovations at best.


✚ Bet365 is the largest and most successful betting site in the world. ✚ Registration and deposit are absolutely quick and hassle-free ➜ the selection of live bets and the betting odds offered are among the very highest sports betting standards!

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The industry’s measure of success and the tipster’s success: but what is the secret of success? In the following test report, we will try to find out. In addition to the advantages, we also want to take into account any weaknesses, and in this way draw as detailed a picture as possible for the reader!

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Bet365 Sponsor Stoke City
Bet365 are Stoke City’s main sponsor – here is a snapshot from the match against Queens Park Rangers at the Bet365 Stadium.

Important key data & information about the betting provider Bet365

Licences:11 in total, including Malta, Gibraltar and Germany
Country of origin:England
New customer bonus:100% up to 100 euros in betting credits
Support:24/7 live chat, email and postal service
Organization:Family-run betting provider
Sponsoring:Betting partnerships and sponsorships in English football, including West Bromwich, Wolverhampton Wanderers, Newcastle United and home club Stoke City, plus numerous sponsorships in English horse racing

Is Bet365 legit, reputable and trustworthy?

The absolute market leader in online sports betting, casino and gaming is beyond all doubt, the question of seriousness and reliability does not arise at all. The betting provider has acquired almost 100 million betting customers in the last 25 years and also leads almost every ranking in terms of customer satisfaction.

Does Bet365 have a licence?

Of course, the world’s largest betting provider has valid licences in all major markets in which the company is active. In addition to the German licence, the group currently holds 10 other licences for sports betting and casino.

Bet365 Betting Page, Mobile Page/App

In the best case, betting sites enable an undisturbed user experience; in the worst case, it gets annoying: the website or the app and its usability. A well-structured, intuitive and functional user interface is therefore the most important thing.

In the case of Bet365, an extensive product portfolio and an equally immense selection of betting options must also be accommodated and presented in a meaningful way.

With regard to a possible app, easy accessibility is also crucial. Bet365’s app is available as a free download in the Apple Store for iOS devices as well as in the Android Store on Google Play.

attention box

In order for this to run smoothly, the minimum system requirement with regard to the operating software must always be observed. However, if you regularly update your smartphone or tablet, you will be up to date anyway.

Alternatively, the Bet365 Sportsbook can also be accessed using the mobile browser. In fact, there are no differences in use. Even the desktop version is close to the mobile version in terms of page structure and content organisation:

On the smartphone, only the main menu, which contains the available sports, slides from the left side of the page into the header. The betting slip is displayed at the bottom of the screen as soon as a betting tip is selected, regardless of the device.

bet365 sports page
Image above: the entrance to the Bet365 betting page. In the top menu the currently available sports

Apart from that, there is not much to say about the navigation, which is organised hierarchically in the usual manner: by clicking on the sport, the nation or the competition/league, you finally reach the betting offer.

In addition, the search function and various filters (e.g. by betting market or team) can be used. Cross-references and further quick links are always available at the appropriate place for the respective live offer and the associated long-term bets.

The fact that mobile devices and no longer the computer have long been the measure of all things is evident not only in the page layout but also in the functionality of the app and mobile Sportsbook.

While it used to be common to refer users to the desktop for individual account actions, the entire administration of the user account can now also be managed via smartphone. This applies to deposits and withdrawals as well as account settings and the management of bets, including the use of special betting features (e.g. the popular cash-out function).

Bet365 betting offer

A large part of Bet365’s success is based on its betting offer, which is exceptional especially in terms of the match betting markets, but also in its ante-post betting programme. However, the first look should be at the sports, which are presented in the usual way in the main menu.

info box

Winter sports, water sports, martial arts and motor sports are just as much a part of this as the popular ball sports, especially football, tennis and basketball. Sufficient space is also provided for peripheral activities such as bowling, netball or hurling.

Of course, the greatest attention is paid to the aforementioned popular sports, among which we are particularly interested in betting on football (soccer). Here the whole variety of special bets unfolds.

There are about 90 betting options for all important matches, and even for matches in smaller leagues such as the highest division in Algeria, there are occasionally over 60 betting markets to choose from.

Bet365 football special bets
Screenshot: sample selection of special bets for a match from the Chinese Super League at Bet365 Sportsbook

In the case of the Bangladesh women’s league, which we would not have thought of at all, there are 14. In addition to the obligatory main bets (result, correct score, handicap), the offers refer to over/under bets, corner kicks, cards, goals, players or time periods.

In all of this, the focus that Bet365 places on the home market is also recognisable. English football is represented right down to the minor and local leagues. This preference also becomes clear when you take a look at the long-term betting offer.

The new English champion has not even been crowned yet, and the next season is already being considered: In addition to championship and relegation bets, the offer includes team bets and more specific questions on the ranking in the final table.

The 8 most important features of the Bet365 betting programme

1. more than 30 sports
 2. a good combination of popular sports and minor events
 3. football from all over the world, from all divisions and competitions
 4. focus on English events, especially in football
 5. large variety of match bets, especially special bets
 6. fine selection of long term bets
 7. large number of long-term bets on English football, the European Championship and the World Cup
 8. over 600,000 live streams per year

Finally, the information services should be mentioned, namely match statistics, scoreboards and live streams, which have a significant impact on the quality of the Sportsbook.

The classic team and head-to-head statistics are connected via a link in the footer, while live results and scoreboards can be found directly at the respective live event. These extensively document the events on the pitch or court.

It is widely known that Bet365 has one of the largest live stream offerings in the industry, specifically broadcasting well over 600,000 matches per year.

Bet365 live betting

Live bets now play by far the biggest role within sports betting offers. They are fast-paced and add an extra kick to the excitement of the action on the pitch.

Bet365 recognised the attractiveness of this form of betting early on and was one of the first providers to implement live streams in 2006. Bet365 now broadcasts around 600,000 events a year from the most diverse sports: football, tennis, basketball, darts, table tennis, hockey, volleyball and many more.

Overlyzer Live Betting Trends

The number of betting events that can be found in the live betting centre of the English bookmaker over the course of the year is, of course, significantly higher. Many matches that were already included in the pre-match sportsbook are also covered live, whereby the focus is once again on football.

Games that can be live streamed are already marked with a symbol (“Play”) in the pre-match offer. The broadcasts are accessible to all active customers, i.e. a betting account and proof that it is used for betting and not just for the additional services is required. “Active” in this sense is someone who has a credit balance on the player account or has placed a bet within the past 24 hours.

This is how the live streams work

The simple rule that the more popular an event is, the greater the number of available betting markets, applies here just as it does to pre-match betting. As a result, bettors can choose from a rich selection of betting options for the big games in football, including the particularly pacy time-period bets.

To ensure that the overview of the betting offer is not lost, there is a well-structured live betting menu that allows quick switching between events, as well as a live betting calendar that can be filtered by sport and event day.

Bet365 live stats
In addition to the live streams, there are the tried and tested live scoreboards and statistics to support the bettor in his betting decisions.

Attractive and solid betting odds

The betting odds not only provide information about the probability of winning a bet (lower odds = higher probability of winning), but also about the payout rates of a bookmaker.

info box

In practical terms, it is a question of determining how much of the betting stakes goes into the payment of betting earnings and what proportion the provider retains as a profit margin.

However, “profit” is a misleading term; in fact, company expenses such as personnel costs, infrastructure and much more must first be paid before one can speak of profit in the end.

Licensed and reputable bookmakers generally operate with an average odds ratio of between 90 and 95 percent. This share of the betting revenue is returned to the customers in the form of betting profits.

The term “average value” is used deliberately: It applies to the entire betting offer, which means that there is room for manoeuvre in calculating individual offers higher and others lower.

In general, there is a gap according to demand, so the offers preferred by customers are provided with a higher payout key than peripheral offers. This applies to both bet types and bet events.

So the general rule is that main bets pay out more than special bets, the same goes for a Champions League match compared to a Bangladeshi match. In addition, the more betting outcomes are possible, the lower the odds ratio. Thus, the long term bet on the overall win often has a low payout ratio.

Average payout rates* of the most popular sports at Bet365

* The average payout rates were calculated on the basis of the main bet (1×2 bet or two-way win bet, depending on the sport) and random samples of the most important competitions and leagues.

If you compare Bet365’s payout ratio with the competition, the bookmaker’s strength lies above all in its consistency. While the sportsbooks of other betting providers show greater volatility, the English keep their odds relatively stable within a league.

The difference between the first and second division, for example, or between pre-match and live offers is also less significant, as our sample calculations have shown.

button advantages

In the world of horse betting, Bet365 offers a unique promotion on the betting market, namely the so-called “Best Odds Guaranteed” promise. If you play a horse bet before the race at the so-called “Early Prices” and the final “Starting Price” is higher, you get the better odds paid out at the start of the race!

Example: You bet on a horse one hour before the race at an early price of 5/1. If the starting price eventually rises to 8/1, you will get your bet paid at these higher odds. However, if the starting price falls to 3/1, Bet365 will still pay out the original odds of 5/1!

Bet365 Registration and Bonus Promotions

Anyone wishing to bet at Bet365 must set up a customer account. On the one hand, betting providers are legally obliged to ensure that their own customers are of legal age. On the other hand, an account simplifies the process of placing bets and offers many advantages such as insight into one’s own betting history and the management of bonuses, credit balances and open bets.

attention box

In order to open a personal betting account, the registration process must be completed. Important data such as name, address, date of birth and contact details (email and telephone) must be provided.

Screenshot: the registration form at Bet365

In addition, the new customer can define a user name for his account and a login password. Finally, in order to activate the account, a confirmation of the email address is necessary. For this purpose, Bet365 sends an automated message with an activation link to the customer.

Via the registration form, bettors can already specify whether they want to be regularly informed by Bet365 about bonus promotions. This mainly concerns short-term and time-limited offers, but Bet365 also has a number of “long-running” offers in its programme. The most important of these is the so-called new customer bonus.

Up to £100 betting credits for every new customer at Bet365

The new customer bonus is intended as an incentive and encouragement for the first betting experiences at Bet365. This is an additional betting credit that is donated by the bookmaker and is linked to certain conditions.

The bonus can be redeemed in the course of the first deposit on the betting account. This must be made within 30 days after registration and must be at least as high as 5 euros in order for the new customer offer to apply.

But beware: The amount of the deposit determines the amount of the bonus! The offer provides doubling of the customer’s deposit, which corresponds to a 100% deposit bonus. So if you deposit 5 euros, you have the chance to get 5 euros free credit. A maximum of 100 euros bonus is possible.

attention box

However, in order for the bonus to actually arrive on the betting account, the deposit must first be converted into bets. Here, too, a period of 30 days applies, starting from the day of the first deposit.

Within this period, the bets must be placed and – this is also important – settled. Long-term bets whose evaluation lies further in the future are therefore not possible. After that, the “betting credits”, as Bet365 calls its bonus, are awarded.

The bets made with the deposit must meet these requirements in order to unlock the betting credits:

  • Minimum odds of 1.20 apply to all bets.
  • Bets or parts of bets settled with the cashout function are not taken into account.
  • In the case of multiple bets on different outcomes of the same betting event, only the bet with the highest stake is taken into account.
  • Be careful with the “Edit bet” function and the push settlement of live bets: There are restrictions here as well.

The term ‚betting credits‘ is deliberately chosen because this credit cannot be paid out but is intended for the payment of betting stakes. As soon as these credits are activated, they can be used for betting. If they are not used or only partially used after 90 days, the remaining credit balance expires.

Earnings from these bets are credited minus the betting stake (= credits).

These are the essential features of the offer and what immediately catches the eye is the generosity of the bookmaker:

button advantages
  • The deposit only has to be converted once and once the betting credits have been released, there are no significant conditions attached to them.
  • The time horizon of 30 days to place bets with the deposit is also adequately long.
  • This means that the Bet365 new customer programme is very practical and user-friendly and can even be used to the full extent with a smaller betting budget (resources of a maximum of 100 euros).

Other bonus offers from Bet365

Existing customers also have access to bonus offers at Bet365. Specific offers are available for baseball, basketball, tennis, hockey, rugby and football bettors, and fans of U.S. sports can take advantage of the accumulation bonus.

The three most important offers for football fans are briefly presented below, but the details on the terms and conditions of the offer can be read directly at Bet365.

Boring game – Cashback!:

This offer is aimed at football bettors and offers a refund of bets if the match ends in a draw. The requirement is, of course, that the bet is lost, and three specific betting markets are covered by the offer: “Exact Result”, “Half-Time/Final Result” and “Scorecast”.

Bets placed with real money are also returned as real money, bets paid with betting credits are also redeemed again in betting credits.

Football – Guarantee on substitution:

This offer is also a cash back. Bets on certain player markets in football are covered, including some goal scorer bets (e.g. 1st goal scorer, last goal scorer, next goal scorer), some double bets (e.g. Team – 1st goal scorer) as well as score-, win- and timecast.

The exact list can be found at Bet365. The “insurance case” occurs if the selected player is substituted before the end of the first half and the bet has not yet been settled; in this case, the bettor is refunded his bet in betting credits. The offer is valid only for single bets.

Two-goal lead – early payout

It’s annoying when the team you bet on leads by 2 goals in the match, but still doesn’t win in the end. Not so with Bet365! In over 80 leagues and competitions listed, a win bet on the final result is already considered a win if the team you have bet on leads by 2 goals at some point in the match!

This “insurance” applies for example to these popular football leagues and competitions:

  • Germany Bundesliga
  • England Premier League
  • Spain LaLiga
  • Italy Serie A
  • all UEFA competitions (Champions League, Europa League, Conference League und Nations League)

All current Bet365 bonus offers at a glance

Bet365 bonus list
Excerpt above: all current bonus offers from Bet365 at a glance

Bet365 Betting Account FAQs and Features

Why do I need my own betting account at Bet365?

Registration of a betting account is necessary in order to place sports bets. Bets and funds can be managed via the account settings. The processing of deposits and withdrawals, the use of bonus offers and the insight into the personal betting history are only a few of the many advantages of a betting account.

What features and benefits does the Bet365 betting account offer?

Via the betting account, language settings can be made and betting balances can be managed. In addition, there are important functions such as the processing of open bets or their early settlement via cash out in order to prevent losses or secure winnings.

The Bet365 Livestream is also available via the betting account and broadcasts many football matches as well as the NBA and NHL.

What does the “Edit bet” function in the betting account mean?

With the “Edit bet” feature, already placed live or pre-game bets can be changed by adding, swapping or removing selections. In individual cases, the type of bet can also be changed, for example, from a 3-way combination to three double bets or from a win/place bet to a win bet.

Even the stake can be increased. Which options are available depends on the individual bet.

What is the Betting Configurator?

The bet configurator is a feature of Bet365 and allows you to create a personal match bet from several (up to 12) selections. This means that several betting options on the same match can be combined in one bet.

The configurator is available for football, basketball and tennis offers and is displayed together with the betting markets as soon as a match is selected. As soon as the bet has been added to the betting slip, it can also be integrated into an accumulator bet.

How does the Cash Out work?

The “cash out” function makes it possible to settle bets that have already been placed before the event ends. This is useful, for example, to secure a profit from an accumulator bet if the last and only open bet seems too uncertain in the meantime – due to changed indications.

The respective cash out price offered by Bet365 (if a cash out is available for this bet) is written directly in the betting account under “My bets” next to the open bet. Only partial amounts of the bet can be evaluated and an “Auto Cash Out” can be programmed.

Bet365 Deposits and Withdrawals

In order to place a bet with Bet365, the betting account must have a credit balance. After registration or whenever the account balance is too low to pay for the desired bet, a deposit must be made.

Earnings can, of course, be withdrawn in the same way and thus be made available on the bank account or another payment account.

attention box

In any case, it is important that the payment account holder matches the betting account user. This is checked by Bet365 at latest in the course of account verification. This is an identity check to ensure player security and prevent abuse.

This small formal barrier must be cleared, if not already done by the customer, before the first withdrawal. In this context, it should be noted that not all deposit options are also available for withdrawals.

Bet365 payment methods
Screenshot: the most important payment methods to deposit money to your Bet365 betting account in the UK. Payment methods available in other countries can be found at the Bet365 website in the help-section

As a general rule, the same means of payment must be used that was chosen when charging the account. If this is not possible, the bank transfer acts as a backup option.

button advantages

Big plus: Bet365 handles all money transfers, whether deposits or withdrawals, free of charge. Regardless of this, costs may be incurred by the payment service provider. Information on this can be obtained directly from the provider.

Bet365 Customer Support

Those who wish to contact the customer service can do so in three ways: Live chat, email and postal service. The live chat is supported around the clock, i.e. 24/7. There is no phone hotline.

However, most questions can be answered via the FAQ list anyway. This is structured according to subject areas and there is also a search function.

The help pages are very extensive and deal with questions regarding the administration and use of the betting account (payment process, login problems, various settings etc.) as well as the placement of bets, betting rules, necessary betting know-how and the betting functions such as cash out.

Bet365 help section
Illustration above: the help section on the Bet365 betting page, structured according to topics.

Overview of contact options:

Live ChatEmailPost
On the website or in the appsupport-eng@customerservices365.comCustomer Services
bet365 House
Media Way
United Kingdom

Bet365 Casino

A casino review usually always starts with the question of whether the respective provider is also safe and reputable and offers its customers a free choice of decent casino games with decent payout odds.

Since – as already explained several times on this page – this question is obsolete with Bet365, we can move straight on to our experiences with the casino offer from Bet365!

So let’s take a look at the casino games offered by Bet365. These are basically divided into 5 categories, namely:

1. slot machines
2. table games
3. card games
4. lottery scratch cards
5. video poker

In total, there are almost 1000 different games to choose from at Bet365 Casino, most of which can be found in the slots section

Slot machines (approx. 900)

At first glance, you can already guess that Bet365 offers hundreds of different slot machines in its casino. There are not only the classics and traditional slots of the casino industry to choose from, but also new and modern video slots.

button advantages

Particularly worth mentioning: there are a large number of progressive jackpots in the slot area, some of them with possible prize amounts of several million euros. The themes of the jackpots range from sports over adventure to mythology.

All slot machine themes have exceptionally good graphics and the game play is of the highest standard of the current online casino providers!

Besides the progressive jackpots, there are also other high chances of winning, especially within the framework of the “free spins”, “multipliers” and “expanding wilds”.

Table games (approx. 20)

When it comes to table games, you probably think first and foremost of roulette, the all-time classic in all casinos. Bet365 offers four different versions of the most popular of all casino games, namely:

    1. European Roulette
    2. American Roulette
    3. French Roulette
    4. Mini roulette

Bet365 European Roulette
European Roulette – Payout: 97,4%
Bet365 American Roulette
American Roulette – Payout 94,8%
Bet365 French Roulette
French Roulette – Payout 98,6%
Bet365 Mini Roulette
Mini Roulette – Payout 96,2%

The Bet365 roulette variants are all provided by casino software provider Playtech, who is, just as Bet365, is the industry leader in its segment. Numerous other variations allow for even more interesting gaming options and some unique roulette features.

Card games (approx. 25)

The card games section consists mainly of more than 20 different variations of blackjack, as well as baccarat and casino poker.

Most of the blackjack varieties also come from Playtech, including the standard blackjack games found in most casinos with some slightly modified variants in the game rules.

The standard variations at Bet365 Blackjack include:

  • Vegas Blackjack
  • Blackjack Switch
  • Blackjack Surrender
  • Atlantic City Blackjack
  • European Blackjack

Most versions can also be played multi-handed, which means even more action for the player!

info box

With a payout ratio of up to 99.6%, Blackjack is the game with the lowest house advantage for the casino… Roulette and slot machines follow far behind. So there is no casino game with better odds for the player than Blackjack!

Bet365 Perfect Blackjack
“PERFECT BLACKJACK” by Playtech with more than 99% payout

Other games at Bet365 Casino

Even though by far the largest part of the stakes in an online casino are allocated to the previously mentioned categories of slot machines, roulette and blackjack, the game offers of Bet365 that go beyond this are also worth a mention.

The lottery scratch card category promises instant earnings of sometimes considerable amounts with over 25 different themes. And in addition to classic casino poker, Bet365 also offers 5 different variants of video poker.

button disadvantages

However, the payout rate for these special game variations cannot keep up with the popular casino games such as roulette or blackjack. In some cases, only around 95% of the stakes are paid out as winnings. With roulette it is up to 98.5% and with blackjack up to 99.5%.

Casino Games with Live Dealer

The “Live Dealer Lobby” takes you to the table and card games area of the Bet365 Live Casino. Here, too, you’ll be amazed by the variety of games on offer when you enter for the first time.

Around 20 roulette tables, about 30 blackjack tables and 4 poker tables were available on our first visit. Some of the tables are reserved exclusively for Bet365 customers.

There are different limits at the individual tables; for roulette, for example, the minimum bet varies between 1 and 5,000 euros per round. Both the player with a very low budget and the high roller who wants to bet four-digit amounts per round will find what they are looking for in the Live Casino!

Video: Blackjack with Live Dealer at Bet365

Up to €/$ 1.000,- Welcome Bonus for new Casino Players at Bet365

Bet365 offers a Casino Bonus of 100% of your first deposit into your new Casino account up to €/$ 1.000,-

Maximum Bonus available can differ depending in which country you are playing the Casino – to get the maximum amount for your country please check the “Promos” section at the Bet365 Casino Site.

This is how to cash in the Bet365 Casino Bonus for new players:

  1. Register at Bet365
  2. Deposit a minimum of €/$ 10,- to your Casino account
  3. Claim your bonus in your Casino account under “my offers”
  4. To start using your Casino welcome bonus wager your qualifying deposit
  5. Wager your qualifying deposit plus your bonus 20 times on Casino Games to change the bonus into withdrawable balance
Bet365 Casino Bonus
Welcome Bonus for new Casino Players at Bet365

More information about the bookie Bet365

Bet365 is part of a new generation of betting providers that the internet era has brought forth and which essentially focuses on this distribution channel.

This contrasts with traditional bookmakers such as William Hill or Ladbrokes, which still rely on their English betting shop chains and partly on on-course offers at the racetracks. Telephone betting plays almost no role any more.

Among the now countless online sportsbooks, Bet365 still stands out today, despite the increasing pressure of competition.

button advantages

Of course, the biggest confirmation comes from the millions of customers worldwide, but the bookie also receives recognition from the gambling industry. Bet365 regularly tops the ‚Power 50‘ rankings of the industry association EGR and dominates the SBC Awards: in 2020, the company received the Sportsbook of the Year award for the seventh time in a row.

Reach: The Bet365 Sportsbook …

is used by almost 100 million customers worldwide,
is available in 20 languages and
in over 150 countries.

In doing so, the English bookmaker pursues a completely different strategy than the gambling groups formed through mergers and acquisitions, which are now behind many well-known brands (e.g. Bwin, Ladbrokes, Sportingbet).

Of the total of 5,000 employees working in 8 locations, the majority still work in Stoke-on-Trent, where Denise Coates laid the foundation for the company in 2000.

Bet365 office
Image above: Bet365’s new office at its main site in Stoke-on-Trent, England.

Bet365 has long since moved from its former container office to its own premises, not least for reasons of space. Today, the betting company is not only the largest employer in the town, it is even the largest taxpayer in the entire United Kingdom.

And there is nothing more to add to that!

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