High Roller Explained – High Limits in Sports Betting

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What is a high roller and what sort of stakes would you need to bet to call yourself one? In this article we will answer these and many other questions as we take you into the world of high stakes.

We will introduce you to the best bookmakers for high rollers and offer valuable tips on how you might even be able to become one yourself.

What is a high roller?

A high roller, also referred to as a whale, is somebody who regularly gambles with high limits and doesn’t shy away from high stakes. The term originated in the world of poker and casinos, and its usage has now also found its way into sports betting.

First of all, it must be said that a high roller is not always necessarily a professional gambler when it comes to sports betting and casino games. Many high rollers, for example, are rich business people, who enjoy the excitement as a way to balance their professional lives.

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Of course, there are also many high rollers who live off their winnings and have put in a lot of work and discipline to reach higher and higher limits. And so, we frequently receive questions with regard to this topic, as ambitious sports betting enthusiasts ask:

How can you earn regular profits with sports betting and become a high roller?

Some good news on this in advance: We have developed one of the best tools for sports betting, which is designed to support you on your personal path to becoming a high roller. In this video we will show you how you can earn money with live betting:

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Before we go into giving you more tips, let’s take a look at the definition of what makes a person a high roller and what the advantages and disadvantages of this kind of life can be.

At what point do you become a high roller?

The Cambridge Dictionary defines a high roller as follows: “Someone who spends a lot of money or who gambles with large amounts of money.” However, nowhere is an official definition to be found on just how big these amounts need to be.

In Las Vegas, you are defined as a level 1 premium player when you reach a casino credit line of 20,000 dollars. Level 2 is reached if you can bring between $100,000 and $500,000 to the table. To reach level 3, you will need a credit line from one to five million dollars.

In Fodor’s famous “Compass American Guides”, high rollers are defined as people who are in a position where they are not afraid of losing anything up to 100,000 dollars in the space of a weekend and will stake 10,000 dollars on a hand of cards or a bet. Additionally, they will have a casino credit line of over one million dollars.

In some Australian casinos, you may already qualify as a high roller when you bring chips to the value of 10,000 dollars to the card table and stake 150 dollars on a hand or a bet.

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The advantages of being a high roller
The disadvantages of being a high roller
Betting without limits – 4 tips for high rollers

Betting sites without limits – considerations for high rollers

There are several factors by which high rollers choose their betting provider. In addition to an outstanding payout rate the bookmaker also needs to have an excellent reputation in our sports betting test, as you’re going to be depositing and withdrawing a lot of money. Additionally, limits on wins should be high.

When you are sports betting with high stakes, bonus offers are less important than in the world of poker and casino gambling. An excellent payout rate is worth significantly more in the long-term than a bonus worth a few hundred pounds.

The 3 best betting sites for high rollers

Which bookmakers are best suited for sports betting enthusiasts who want to bet with high stakes? Here are three of the best sports betting providers with high betting limits and correspondingly generous maximum achievable win amounts.

Bet365 – The best overall betting site


Bet365 is the number one for players with high stakes, as this English bookmaker has all the right qualities for high rollers. The betting provider shines with an excellent payout ratio, has an impeccable reputation as the largest taxpayer in England and is not afraid to pay out high profits.

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The limit on winnings depends on the type of sport and the level of the league. In football, for example, wins of up to £2 million are paid out for the top 5 European leagues as well as the Champions League!

For the Scottish and Portuguese championships, the winning limit is set to half a million pounds, while the Swiss Super League and the Austrian Bundesliga’s limits are set to 100,000 pounds. Leagues such as the Italian Serie B and the Dutch Eredivisie are set up with a payout limit of 250,000 pounds.

Bet365 also offers good opportunities for high rollers in other sports, such as tennis, for example, where bets on the overall winner of a Grand Slam or ATP tournament can pay out sums of up to half a million Euros.

Please note: If you are combining several bets your winning limit is set by the competition with the lowest limit. A Champions League bet combined with one on an ATP tournament or the Austrian Bundesliga is therefore not entitled to the 2 million pound limit.

While other bookmakers with individual winning limits are quick to curb successful players, bet365 has previously shown itself to be particularly welcoming to professional players who regularly rake in large wins. The English sports betting bookmaker generates an extremely high turnover and therefore high rollers present a relatively low risk for this operator.

22Bet – No payout limits for high rollers


22Bet offers sports betting with high stakes and win limits. In addition, the betting company has a wide range of bets available. Customers who play with higher stakes and do not want to compromise on the betting selection will find 22Bet a great choice!

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It is perfectly possible to bet an amount of 100,000 pounds on a favourite in the Champions League with odds of 1.5, as 22Bet only limits bets in terms of how much is paid out.

22Bet additionally earns extra points for helpful customer service, who will readily come to your aid if the amount you can stake on a bet is ever limited automatically by their system. These limits are only applied rarely and even players with longer winning streaks can still use the standard limits as a rule.

22Bet has an excellent reputation, which also shows in their payment processes, which are fast and efficient and are not subject to a withdrawal limit. An excellent payout rate of 95% on average makes this bookmaker an excellent choice for high rollers.

Betsson – Payouts of 100,000 Euros per week


A reliable online betting platform provided by dedicated in-house built software, and a consistently attractive offer of popular and interesting sports with high limits make Betsson a favourite sports betting provider for many players worldwide.

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The reason for third place in this case, however, is the fact that withdrawals to a bank account are sometimes limited per month. Higher wins, therefore, have to be paid out in installments, which could present a problem for some high rollers.

Players also report individually-set winning limits, which can come into force following longer winning streaks. The good news here though is that Betsson offers an excellent level of customer service, which has allowed many sports betting enthusiasts to reverse these limitations.

The advantages of being a high roller

Not all customers are equally valuable to casinos and sports betting providers. Players who stake large amounts can expect a higher level of service throughout and enjoy several benefits.

The biggest casinos in Las Vegas provide their high rollers with their best suites free of charge, pay for flight tickets and bills in restaurants, in addition to providing their favourite customers with a personal attendant. The reason for this is obvious – high rollers gamble with sums that regular punters can only dream of and thereby generate a high turnover.

The terms high roller and Las Vegas have become virtually inseparable. 20,000 employees work for the gambling industry in this city. 169 casinos generated a turnover of an unbelievable 22 billion dollars in 2019 (prior to the COVID-19 pandemic).

You enjoy numerous advantages as a sports betting high roller. In the first instance, one can count on personal customer service, which will be especially helpful when dealing with deposits and withdrawals that require moving large amounts of money. This also means personal assistance when deposit or withdrawal limits need to be raised.

Some sports betting providers also invite their best customers to exclusive events. High rollers are invited to the Wimbledon final or might get to watch the Monaco Grand Prix from a yacht chartered by the betting provider.

A further big advantage is that as a professional high roller you get to make your passion your job and earn a lot of money in the process. It is incredibly fulfilling to have a goal in sight for years and finally earn the fruits of your labours.

Fun Fact: One of the most famous high rollers was the US American businessman and philanthropist Billy Walters, one of the best sports bettors of all time. Over a period of 39 years, Walters made a loss in only one year. In good years he reported winnings of 50-60 million dollars.
In the 80s Walters used the most modern technology and analysed his selections with the aid of the best computers available at the time – just think how much he might have won if he had had access to Overlyzer! 😊

The disadvantages of being a high roller

In putting together this article for you, we are not to going gloss over the fact that living the life of a high roller also has its disadvantages.

The path to becoming a high roller is usually rocky and paved with setbacks. Even with a successful betting strategy, many experienced players underestimate the high variability and just how long a streak of bad luck can last. If you are looking for a steady income that is hardly subject to fluctuations, you are clearly in the wrong place.

During difficult times, self-doubts can come to the fore, and doubts about your own betting strategy can grow as the psychological pressure increases when betting credits shrivel and no turnaround is in sight. For this reason, disciplined bankroll management and an iron will are imperative.

A further point that has to be considered is acceptance on a social level from the people around you. Few people understand that the life of a professional bettor consists of a lot of work and research. Too many times you’re going to hear that it’s all just luck and that you’re going to lose it all one day.

The time you have available in this life is too precious to try and convince outsiders of your professional choice. Your real friends and close family are hopefully going to accept your way of living when they see that you can have success in the betting market and are happy with your choice of profession.

A particular concern is that young professional players often don’t bother with health insurance, on the premise that they are young and healthy and can therefore easily avoid medical costs. In this way, however, they take on incredible risks, financially and with regard to their health. Medical costs such as private health insurance absolutely have to be planned for.

Betting as a profession – One of the UK’s most respected professional gamblers talks about his path to big winnings in sports betting.

Betting without limits: 4 tips for the successful high roller

The statement “no man is born a high roller” is unfortunately not entirely true. Of course, somebody who has inherited millions might not need any other skills to become a high roller in the casinos, at least for a little while.

But that’s not the type of high roller that our readers aspire to be. Using a successful betting strategy, luck should only be a minimal factor for us, aiming instead to find bets that are good value to earn profits in the long term. With these winnings, we can grow our bankroll to be able to afford bets with higher stakes.

cash out betting explained

High roller tip 1: Study and get better every day

  • You will have to work hard to earn things for yourself. You should aim to become better every day, study the sport you have chosen to bet on and learn how to use the latest betting tools.
  • Spend time analysing statistics like Expected-Goals, for example, which were not available to the public only a few years ago and use modern betting tools such as Overlyzer-Livetrends to your advantage.
  • Work on a betting strategy that is right for you. This is undoubtedly the most important point, as for example, even with perfect bankroll management, a strategy that does not bring in any profits is doomed to fail.

High roller tip 2: Don’t let your feelings influence you

For each bet, there has to be a very good reason, not one based on emotions but on pure logic. You should never place a bet just because you’re bored or because your favourite team is playing.

High roller tip 3: Be patient and set realistic expectations

If it was easy to earn steady money with football bets and enjoy the life of a high roller, everybody would be doing it. So be prepared for setbacks and be patient. Take your time to build up your bankroll slowly and step by step.

High roller tip 4: Protect your bankroll

As mentioned before, setbacks will happen. Managing your bankroll conservatively can make dealing with them easier. Streaks of bad luck can last longer than you would think possible. So whatever size bankroll you think you might need, we suggest you should double that amount.

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