Correct Score Betting on Football – Tips and Strategies

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Correct score betting ranks among the most popular football bets and is one of the simplest forms of betting on football. Alongside the 1×2 bet (also known as 3-way-bet) it is one of the most frequently played wagers in football.

To win this bet you have to predict the exact result at the end of the match. However, there are already variations of this type of bet, so that you can also place a wager on the exact outcome of the first half, for example.

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Match Results Betting – Table of Contents

Overlyzer Live Betting Trends

Definition and explanation of Correct Score Betting

Correct score betting goes into more detail than the classic 3-way bet. It is not enough to predict who will win the game or whether it will end in a draw, but, as the name suggests, the result must be predicted accurately. Accordingly, this type of bet offers countless betting opportunities on the side of the home team, the visiting team and for the draw:

Home WinDrawAway Win
4:0 0:4

As already stated, the classic correct score bet is based on the result after 90 minutes of match time. This includes added time, but does not include extra time. Usually, this type of bet is also commonly available as halftime bets in the Bookmakers’ sportsbooks.

At the same time, it is also true that there is no single term describing the Correct Score Bet. Often the corresponding bet option can be found listed under several keywords, such as results bet, correct score, or exact score.

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Correct Score Betting Challenges and Opportunities

The more outcomes there are for a bet, the higher the risk. While there are just three outcomes to select from a 3-way bet, which makes the risk fairly manageable, this vastly increases with the exact score predictions.

As forecasting is particularly difficult with this betting variant, it is not well suited for beginners. As disappointment is so often inevitable, rookies would soon lose enthusiasm for sports betting. As an introduction to a sports betting career, simpler and more promising types of bets are recommended, which are reduced to a few possible outcomes and are easy to understand, such as the 1X2-bet.

Bet365 correct score creator
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There are, however, good reasons why sooner or later so many sports bettors take an interest in this thoroughly challenging type of prediction. High odds are the most important reason for choosing Correct Score Results betting.

The high thrill factor involved in betting on the exact score should also not be underestimated. Often one ends up trembling with anticipation right up until the very end of a match, hoping that the decisive goal will still be scored.

Correct score betting put in Practice

Correct result bets are fundamental to the betting line up offered by all bookmakers, and are therefore never to be missed from any football match.

As this betting variant is very popular, it can also be played as part of a system bet or combination bet. Most bookmakers also offer the possibility of ending the bet prematurely within the framework of the cash out option.

Video: how to predict correct score from giopredictor

Betting offers & Correct score betting strategies

This said, we would advise against using exact result bets as part of a combination bet strategy, as it would considerably increase the risk of an already quite risky bet. It is more advisable to hedge a Correct Score bet with a 3-way bet.

We also like to play result bets on goalless draws to protect against losses from 3-way-bets. We consider this option when we bet on the favourite, but there is a possibility that the opponent will defend strongly and no goal will be scored.

As most bookmakers allow a number of different results bets to be selected for the same match, there is the possibility of adding several single exact result bets to cover different outcomes.

Following on from the idea of spreading the risk a little, bookmakers Bwin have created their own bet option. Herein three or four match results are gathered into one bet.

Putting it in a different way, in this instance, a bet is won, when the match result matches one of the scores covered by the bet. The odds on this type of bet are still attractive, and the risk of losing is considerably lowered.

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