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What are long-term bets, what does antepost betting mean? Although they are not as common as the more regular kinds of bets, long-term bets have their own appeal that should certainly make them worth considering.

This article contains all the necessary information on the subject of antepost betting.

Introduction to Long-Term Betting

As a rule, there are fewer games available on the betting market during the summer months, as the teams are on break and recovering from the past season. Even so, many sports betting enthusiasts would like to place bets during this time.

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Although there is the possibility of betting on other sports or leagues, most rely purely on their expertise in their favorite sport. This is where long-term bets come into play. They are a great way to use one´s knowledge of a sport to make a personal forecast that can stand the test of time.

Because, being honest, before the start of the season, among friends, every sports enthusiast has already tried to guess where his team will end up.

Once you have developed a feel for it, long-term betting can be very worthwhile taking a closer look at.

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Further Information on Antepost Betting

What kinds of long-term bets are available?
The advantages of long-term betting
The 4 most sensational long-term bets based on their odds
Disadvantage: low odds for top teams
The most popular long-term bets of the English bookmakers

What kinds of long-term bets are available?

When you look at the betting offered by the leading sports betting sites, you will come across long-term bets at almost every bookmaker. These bets are often referred to as season bets. This form of sports betting is available in virtually every type of sport and can come in a wide variety of different options.

As mentioned previously, the most common type of long-term bet looks to predict the final placement of a certain team in a particular competition.

For example, you can place a wager on whether a specific team will qualify for the Europa League, win the Cup or be promoted or relegated.

Long-term bets can also be placed on the achievements of individual players, so, for example, you could put a bet on who will be the top scorer in a competition.

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Even outside of football, the variety of long-term bets available is considerable, and specific bets are available for almost every sport. Some bookmakers even offer wagers on political events, which can also be viewed as long-term bets.

The advantages of long-term betting

It is true that, due to the longer running time, the excitement would not consistently be equal to that of a bet made on the outcome of just a single match. Still, that thrill can be found when the end of the season finally arrives and the result of a long-term bet is finally close to being revealed.

Video: Who would have thought it would happen: Leicester City wins the Premier League in the 2015/16 season

Among others, the example of Leicester City’s Premier League championship title win in the 2015/16 season is proof of how lucrative bets over a longer period of time can be. Admittedly, nearly no one would have predicted that the Foxes would snatch the title.

The odds offered for this type of sports betting are one of the strongest arguments in favor of this betting strategy.

Brave bettors, however, were rewarded with odds set at a whopping 5000. This meant that a EUR 10 stake won EUR 50,000, proving that a long-term bet on an underdog can therefore definitely be very worthwhile.

The 4 most sensational long-term bets based on their odds

Leicester City to win the Premier League 2015/16Odds 5000Unibet
Greece to win the EURO 2004Odds 400Bet365
Kaiserslautern to win the German Bundesliga 1997/98Odds 300Interwetten
Denmark to win the European Championship 1992Odds 150William Hill offline
Source: Big surprises at famous sporting events

Long-term bets offer low odds for top teams

Long-term bets on clear title contenders are however somewhat less lucrative. Relatively low odds are offered on a championship title win for a large club like Bayern Munich or Paris SG. Usually, odds on these predictable outcomes are so low that they would not even double the amount staked.

Interwetten Odds Bundesliga Winners
Screenshot: Bundesliga long-term bets offered by Interwetten – Because the odds are so low that FC Bayern München will be champions, only a bet on a dark horse would be really worthwhile here. However, because FC Bayern München has dominated the league for a long time, it is very unlikely that an underdog could prevail against this strong opponent.

Naturally not every league will be won by a dark horse. For this form of betting, we recommend putting bets on players / season results that are not among the clear favorites and may have slipped a little off the bookmakers’ radar.

Such a bet can procure odds of 5-20 and still have a realistic chance of being the winning prediction at the end of the season.

This special form of betting is therefore definitely worth a look for anyone who wants to secure a nice win on a bet in their favorite sport. For those who lose patience, most bookmakers also offer the option of an early cash-out.

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In this instance, the bookmaker will offer to exchange the bet for an amount that can be withdrawn or otherwise used as credit. The best time to place a long-term bet is right before the start of the season, when first impressions from friendlies start to come in and can be used to act as pointers in the right direction.

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