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2022 FIFA World Cup Group D – Odds, Predictions and Betting Tips

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Group D of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar will feature France, Australia, Denmark and Tunisia. The titleholder from France is of course the undisputed favorite in this group, but Denmark should not be underestimated either and has meanwhile claimed the role of a dark horse.

We compare the most important world cup betting odds for the group and take a look at the match schedule.

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Table of contents: World Cup 2022 Group D

  1. Teams
  2. World Cup betting on Group D
  3. Who will win group D?
  4. Who will advance to the round of 16?
  5. Statistics for last games of Group D teams
  6. Over/Under Trends for Group D
  7. Who will score the first goal in the match?
  8. Group D Match Schedule
  9. FAQ – Questions and answers about World Cup 2022 Group D!

Denmark to win group D ➜ best odds 3.80 @ 22Bet

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France is a heavy favorite in Group D. The reigning world champions have one of the best squads for the 2022 World Cup and have been well-rehearsed for years. The fact that coach Didier Deschamps has been coaching the “Equipe tricolore” for ten years also speaks for the high degree of consistency among the French. However, the team failed to win the European Championship last year, losing to Switzerland in the round of 16.

More about the France national team

Australia currently has no real star players in its ranks and lives rather from its team as a whole. Team manager Graham Arnold has a rather colorful mix of foreign players at his disposal, some of whom, however, lack experience at a high international level. Together with Tunisia, Australia is one of the two big underdogs in Group D and would need a small soccer miracle to qualify for the round of 16.

More about the Australia national team

Denmark is currently raving about a “golden generation” of players. The Danes are well-staffed in all positions, benefiting from their fighting strength in the center and great dynamics on the wings. At their sixth World Cup, Denmark could field their strongest team to date. The goal is to at least repeat their previous best performance at the World Cup: they managed to reach the quarterfinals in 1998.

More about the Denmark national team

Tunisia is the biggest underdog in the group according to the bookmakers, but the tricky North Africans should by no means be underestimated. The team, which is largely made up of foreign players, is going into its sixth World Cup and has nothing to lose. No Tunisian team has ever made it past the group stage of the World Cup, but this year Tunisia could well surprise. After all, the Tunisian players are probably the most accustomed to the unpleasant temperatures in Qatar.

More about the Tunisia national team

World Cup betting on Group D

The clear favorite to win Group D is world champion France. Our bookmaker test winner Bet365 offers odds of @1.40 for the defending champions to finish first. When it comes to the overall victory at the FIFA World Cup 2022, the oddsmakers only see England and Brazil ahead of the French, who have odds of @7.00 to win.

The sports betting sites are almost certain that France will not fail in the group stage. The odds for the French to advance are only @1.10, while the odds for Denmark to advance are a bit more interesting at @1.57.

Australia and Tunisia are the two clear underdogs in Group D and carry similar odds. If you bet on the Australians reaching the round of 16, you will get @3.25, if you bet on Tunisia you will get @3.50, but it is rather unlikely that either of the two teams can prevail against the strong opponents in the group.

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Who will win group D?

All bookmakers favor the reigning world champion France in group D. But this group could well be one where a lot of value is hidden in a high-risk bet.

Logo Bet365 klein22bet Logo 50Bet-at-home Logo klein

Of course, France is the best team in Group D in terms of quality, but both at the European Championship in 2021 and in the Nations League games in the first half of 2022, France showed some weaknesses.

Denmark, on the other hand, is exceptionally solid as a collective and grew together tremendously as a team, especially last year. We are therefore betting on an underdog pick here:

Denmark to win group D ➜ best odds 3.80 @ 22Bet

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Who will advance to the round of 16?

Even though we picked the non-favorite Danes to win the group, we still expect France to make it to the round of 16. It’s just too unlikely that the great attacking power of the French will lose out to the Australians and the Tunisians. This group is a typical two-class affair, with two teams significantly stronger than the other two.

If you had to choose between the two underdogs for a team that can upset the big French and Danes, it would be the Tunisians rather than the Australians. Tunisia has some highly talented foreign players in its ranks, and its historical connection with France is also a small emotional advantage. The Tunisian team players will run until they drop, especially against their “big brother,” and it certainly won’t be a walk in the park for Les Bleus.

Betting pick: ➜ Denmark and France advance to the round of 16 @ Bet365

Statistics for last games of Group D teams


DateOpponentVenueResultXGPossessionAccuracyDuels won
26/03/2022NetherlandsA2 – 40.97 : 2.3739,30%89,48%54,91%
29/03/2022SerbiaH3 – 01.85 : 1.4346,48%83,26%58,62%
03/06/2022FranceA2 – 10.97 : 2.1240,48%84,25%45,86%
06/06/2022AustriaA2 – 10.92 : 2.4241,18%80,29%41,33%
10/06/2022CroatiaH0 – 10.55 : 1.0145,55%86,51%49,13%
13/06/2022AustriaH2 – 01.47 : 0.3751,73%87,70%48,76%
22/09/2022CroatiaA1 – 20.56 : 1.0349,39%87,10%48,87%
25/09/2022FranceH2 – 01.23 : 1.2150,23%83,69%45,70%


DateOpponentVenueResultXGPossessionAccuracyDuels won
25/03/2022Ivory CoastH2 – 11.68 : 0.3350,76%91,31%52,24%
29/03/2022South AfricaH5 – 04.32 : 0.0460,96%91,52%53,51%
03/06/2022DenmarkH1 – 22.12 : 0.9759,52%90,06%52,23%
06/06/2022CroatiaA1 – 10.76 : 1.5449,83%91,46%45,56%
10/06/2022AustriaA1 – 12.00 : 0.5867,76%87,97%51,12%
13/06/2022CroatiaH0 – 10.86 : 1.0553,31%90,03%45,28%
22/09/2022AustriaH2 – 03.10 : 0.3357,05%88,39%53,02%
25/09/2022DenmarkA0 – 21.21 : 1.2349,77%83,68%51,66%


DateOpponentVenueResultXGPossessionAccuracyDuels won
12/01/2022MaliN0 – 11.36 : 1.2157,67%83,82%53,33%
16/01/2022MauritaniaN4 – 02.94 : 0.9756,04%78,53%49,70%
20/01/2022GambiaN0 – 11.17 : 0.3064,67%84,96%43,10%
23/01/2022NigeriaN1 – 00.29 : 0.5747,87%85,21%46,91%
29/01/2022Burkina FasoN0 – 10.70 : 1.0960,72%81,31%49,52%
25/03/2022MaliA1 – 00.30 : 0.9244,58%74,83%49,75%
29/03/2022MaliH0 – 00.23 : 0.2038,70%71,22%42,32%
02/06/2022Equatorial GuineaH4 – 02.93 : 0.3566,74%85,09%53,81%
05/06/2022BotsuanaA0 – 00.91 : 0.7856,49%78,64%48,36%
10/06/2022ChileN2 – 00.97 : 2.8340,80%84,12%45,37%
14/06/2022JapanN3 – 01.47 : 0.4536,41%82,21%49,73%
27/09/2022BrazilN1 – 50.62 : 2.3037,00%80,34%48,39%


DateOpponentVenueResultXGPossessionAccuracyDuels won
27/01/2022VietnamH4 – 01.49 : 0.8359,73%87,60%46,81%
01/02/2022OmanA2 – 21.74 : 1.2154,77%83,19%46,51%
24/03/2022JapanH0 – 20.83 : 2.1244,56%80,90%48,82%
29/03/2022Saudi ArabiaA0 – 10.87 : 1.5845,13%82,35%47,40%
01/06/2022JordanN2 – 13.26 : 0.3154,88%85,04%50,41%
07/06/2022UAEA2 – 11.24 : 0.6647,14%89,19%43,85%
13/06/2022PeruN0 – 00.43 : 1.0447,54%85,11%46,04%
22/09/2022New ZealandH1 – 00.79 : 0.6750,62%87,05%43,85%
25/09/2022New ZealandA2 – 02.02 : 0.6354,64%85,83%50,73%

France has an extremely dynamic and explosive attack and is practically always capable of scoring goals. What’s more, it’s quite likely that even more top attacking players will be brought in between now and the World Cup, making France even more unpredictable. At the same time, France conceded at least one goal in each of the four UEFA Nations League matches in June 2022, so goals can always be expected on the other side as well.

Australia is a well-balanced team that can play attacking soccer, but can also defend at the back. The games of the hard-fighting “Aussies” are rarely boring and so there could be some goals on both ends of the pitch.

The Danish national team has gained more and more defensive stability in recent months and can always be dangerous in the attack. The only thing Denmark might be lacking is a really accurate goal scorer, which is why you shouldn’t necessarily expect scoring sprees. At the same time, scoring goals against the Danes is no easy job either, but really difficult.

At the 2022 Africa Cup, Tunisia earned a goal difference of 5:3 in five games, an average of just 1.6 goals per game. Tunisia has also been largely minimalistic in World Cup qualifying. The team relies on midfield pressing rather than attacking pressing, letting the opponent approach while consolidating the center. That’s why we don’t expect many goals in games with Tunisian participation.

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Overlyzer Live Trends Tunisia vs. Mali
Overlyzer Live Trends Mali vs. Tunisia
Tunisia was also very minimalistic in the two decisive matches of the World Cup qualifiers. Against Mali, who were even slightly favored, they won 1:0 away and got a goalless draw at home, which was enough for the World Cup participation!

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Who will score the first goal in the match?

To bet on the first goalscorer of a match, you need to consider a few aspects for your betting strategy. Who kicks the penalties for each team? Who is the target player in the attack? Who are the top scorers in the national team?

We sum up the most promising picks for the first goalscorer of each team.

Karim Benzema (target player and penalty taker) France
Kylian Mbappé (fastest player in the world) France
Antoine Griezmann (scores at big tournaments)   France
Mitchell Duke (target player) Australia
Andreas Cornelius (target player) Denmark
Christian Eriksen (free-kick and penalty taker)   Denmark
Wahbi Khazri (smart and fast) Tunisia

who will be FIFA World Cup 2022 Top Scorer

Group D Match Schedule

Six games will be played in Group D from November 22, 2022, to November 30, 2022. It will be particularly interesting on November 26, 2022, when France meets Denmark in Doha.

Nov. 224 p.m.DEducation CityDenmark – Tunisia
Nov. 2210 p.m.Dal-JanoubFrance – Australia
Nov. 261 p.m.Dal-JanoubTunisia – Australia
Nov. 267 p.m.DStadium 974France – Denmark
Nov. 306 p.m.DEducation CityTunisia – France
Nov. 306 p.m.Dal-JanoubAustralia – Denmark
World Cup 2022 fixtures

Kick-off times on schedules are stated as local time in Qatar. Please check following table to translate kick-off times to your time-zone:

Qatar (local time)USA & Canada (ET)UK (GMT)Europe (CET)Australia (AEDT)India (IST)
1 p.m.5 a.m.10 a.m.11:009 p.m.3:30 p.m.
4 p.m.8 a.m.1 p.m.14:0012 p.m.6:30 p.m.
6 p.m.10 a.m.3 p.m.16:002 p.m.8:30 p.m.
7 p.m.11 a.m.4 p.m.17:003 p.m.9:30 p.m.
10 p.m.2 p.m.7 p.m.20:006 p.m.12:30 a.m.

Denmark – Tunisia

Tuesday, November 22, 2022, 01:00 pm GMT, Education City Stadium

Awaiting the Danes is a thoroughly unpleasant Tunisian national team that will most likely cope well with the conditions in Qatar. However, Denmark has a decisive advantage over Tunisia: Team boss Kasper Hjulmand’s squad is clearly physically superior to the Tunisians and will exploit this advantage cleverly.

Education City Stadium at World Cup 2022 in Qatar
the Education City Stadium at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar – 2 Group D matches will be played here.

Accordingly, we expect Denmark to win the opener in this group. “Danish Dynamite” is entering the tournament with great ambitions and will want to make them very clear in the first game. The favorite will not hide here, but will control the game from the start and generate a lot of pressure.

Betting pick: Win Denmark @ 1.50 / Bet365

France – Australia

Tuesday, November 22, 2022, 07:00 pm GMT, al-Janoub Stadium

Didier Deschamps’ French are clear favorites in their first group win against Australia and will go into the match very attack-minded. France will be looking to build confidence in their first game.

Australia will probably defend very deep in a 5-4-1 formation and try to generate set-pieces in order to set some attacking stings themselves. However, the difference in class between the two teams is too great, so we expect the favorites to win.

Betting pick: Win France @ 1.20 / Bet365

Tunisia – Australia

Saturday, November 26, 2022, 10:00 am, al-Janoub Stadium

In the clash of the two group underdogs, we see the more technically skilled Tunisians having the upper hand. Tunisia will take a wait-and-see approach, knowing that Australia will have problems if they have to dictate the game. Tunisia will rely on quick counterattacks to set the stage for their fast wingers after luring Australia out a bit.

We are betting on a victory for the African side, not least because Australia is a convenient opponent for the Tunisians.

➜ Betting pick: Win Tunisia @ – / Bet365

France – Denmark

Saturday, November 26, 2022, 04:00 pm, Stadium 974

The encounter between the two top teams in Group D could turn into one of the major highlights of the group stage. The two teams already showed in the UEFA Nations League that they can play extremely attractive soccer against each other. Even then, Denmark surprisingly had the better end in its favor:

Denmark beat the reigning world champions 2-1 at the Saint-Denis in Paris, showing that they will also be a force to be reckoned with at the 2022 World Cup.

We think it’s possible that the scoreline from the Nations League could repeat itself in the group stage of the World Cup. Therefore, in this match, we bet on another victory for Denmark, which may be a bit more focused at this stage of the tournament than France, which in turn would have advantages in the knockout games due to their great tournament experience.

➜ Betting pick: Win Denmark @ – / Bet365

Tunisia – France

Wednesday, November 30, 2022, 03:00 pm GMT, Education City Stadium

It’s a big game for the Tunisian national team, some of whose most important players were born in France. The Tunisian national team will play with passion until the final whistle and France will have to be patient if they want to win this interesting game.

We expect a game in which not many goals will be scored – but if they are, it will probably be for France.

Betting pick: ➜ Win France @ – / Bet365

Australia – Denmark

Wednesday, November 30, 2022, 03:00 pm GMT, al-Janoub Stadium

If Denmark really is as strong as we expect, coach Kasper Hjulmand could probably field a reserve team for the final group game against Australia. But even that would be strong enough to beat the Socceroos.

Betting pick: Denmark @ – / Bet365

Did you know? At the last World Cup in Russia in 2018, almost the same group was drawn! At that time, France, Denmark, Australia and Peru played against each other in Group C. France won the group with seven points, ahead of Denmark with five.

Peru finished third thanks to a 2-0 win over Australia, while the “Aussies” finished last in the group and with just one point. The top match in the group between Denmark and France ended in a 0-0 draw on the final matchday.

When “La Marseillaise” sounds in the stadium, the opposing team knows that the next 90 minutes will be difficult!

FAQ – Questions and answers about World Cup 2022 Group A!

Who will play in World Cup Group D?

In Group D, France, Australia, Denmark and Tunisia will meet. France enters the group stage as the reigning world champions.

Who is the odds-on favorite in World Cup 2022 Group D?

According to all major bookmakers, France are the firm favorites to win Group D. Bet365 offers odds of @1.40 for the “Equipe tricolore” to take first place after the clashes with Australia, Denmark and Tunisia.

Which World Cup stadiums will host Group D?

Three matches in Group D will be played at al-Janoub Stadium in al-Wakra. Two matches will be played at Education City Stadium in al-Rayyan and another match – the top match between France and Denmark (November 26) – will kick off at Stadium 974 in Doha.

Who will the group winners from group D face in the round of 16?

The winner of Group D will face the runners-up in Group C in the round of 16. Group C includes Argentina, Poland, Mexico and Saudi Arabia.

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